25 Super Dank Goku Vs Superman Memes That Show Who’s The Real Hero

There has been a lot of debates and by debates I mean opinion as to how Goku is stronger than superman. Well, and hats off to the meme lords for helping us out in that.

1. And it could lead to so lot of collateral damage.

2. And we all agree to that.

3. He got what he deserved.

4. Do you even know what Goku is capable of.

5. That’s savage.

6. Superman is okay! Superkid is not.

7. That’s not how you do it Mr. Supes.

8. Oh he will.!

9. Cause Goku is a sweet Saiyan!

10. That what we are talking about.

11. And it would be a complete waste of time getting in an argument with them.

12. Cause both won’t fight justice!

13. Even Mr. Einstein agrees!

14. And Superman knows!

15. He knows the way to fight without any damage.

16. Oh so you are more powerful then

17. Wrist wrestling? Really?

18. Why? Because he is Batman?

19. Bro! Open up your eyes!

20. You should have listened to her Supes.

21. Best friends forever!

22. Seriously? Man of Steel?

23. Hahahahaha!

24. Okay!

25. I know what I am capable of. So, I will just sleep.


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