25 Super Dank MCU Vs DCEU Memes That Show The Rivalry Is Real

Before I proceed with the article, I wanna say two things. MCU is better than DCEU. But Marvel Comics stand no where near to DC Comics. DC Games are way better than Marvel. And DC Animated movies are way way better than any other animated movie in the world. I am still waiting for a movie to compete with Flashpoint Paradox.

1. This is the stupidest answer ever.

2. Well this could have been so awkward.

3. No man! This is so not true.

4. See, this was what I was talking about.

5. How? How can you say that?

6. Hell yeah!

7. Seriously Thor is a human? Batman is a God?

8. Spidey will never forgive you.

9. DC Fans need to chill out.

10. Puny Cyborg.

11. Decided once and for all.

12. You just need one reason.

13. That’s Iron Man

14. This is sad you know.

15. Just Marvel Fan things. They suck

16. The difference.

17. What is that? Baywatch League?

18. They say that DCEU movies are too dark. Yes, they are literally too dark.

19. Well, unluckily, this is true. Rotten Tomatoes, you suck.

20. That is the different fan boys.

21. Hulk, if you try to go against Batman, you would be puny Hulk.

22. Like really? Superman should choose his words correctly.

23. Even Joker is helpless against Deadpool.

24. Oh poor Bruce.

25. Something I am unable to digest.


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