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28 Reasons Alfred Pennyworth is the best role model


They say there are two women behind a man’s success. A wife and a Mother.
In Batman’s case, there’s a man behind his success. His faithful father figure and Butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

Wherever a DC fans hears the name they instantly think of THE Alfred Pennyworth because not only is he super cool, he has also captured the hearts of DC fans through his caring personality and sarcastic wit.

Here we’ll break down the reasons we all should be like Alfred Pennyworth!

Alfredism Ahead!

1- He’s the ultimate Badass

Batman? Batman isn’t the boss when Alfred is around. He may be old but he can give you a good beat down if you’re a baddy, and a good spankin’ if your being stubborn. No Sir, not even Batman stands a chance here. So if you see The Butler, and you’re a bad dude, you better Run

2- He’s a real sweet heart

Just cause he’s a badass doesn’t mean he’s not nice.
You come to visit, he’ll serve you with hot cocoa and Butter Scotch Cookies.
(Yes, he makes them at home too)

3- You don’t bully his kids

…you see that! That’s Superman.

Super Pulp is more like it. If you’re being a bully, and break you’re former friends back, Alfred won’t tolerate that oh so well! Take example people! Don’t be a bully!

4- He’s rarely shocked

Oh nevermind, he looks pretty “shocked in this panel

5- Helpful with a pinch or sarcasm

You need to bail out in the middle of an all important meetings because your buddy Joker and Two face are robbing the nearby candy store. No worries, Alfred has got you covered. Just slip in the car, Change and slip out!

6- Never misses to make a comment

Um..drug your girlfriend!

We’ll leave this here. I’m too young to be talking about something so…

Moving on!

7- He Ain’t no Butler ma’am

Even though he passes as a Butler in all the documents and records, don’t call him a Butler. He doesn’t like that

8- Such a shame

All that delicious portion of nothing will go to waste.

(And again he was shocked. I stand corrected)

9– He has a quick witt

Worried about strangers breaking into your lair and finding out about your secrets? Fear no more, Alfred’s got you covered

10- Old man doesn’t give you a break


Let the man have some fun without the puns, Alfred!


11- He can sew…human tissues

(Psst, he ain’t sorry)

12- He knows just what you want to eat

Vegan or Cat food. Alfred has it all covered

13- He’s great at putting things in perspective

Listen, it’s not necessarily a reasonable response to put on a bat costume then spend the rest of your life fighting crime just cause you went through a bit of a traumatic experience. Alfred gets that. He’ll still help you fight a little crime now and then. He just wants you to be aware that maybe some of your life choices are a little over the top.

14- He can predict the predictable future

only Alfred has the guts to say the guts to say the obvious to the face

15- Keeps track of all your bills

Can’t go out of budget, specially when you’re a billionaire vigilante. Alfred keeps all in check. Not a Penny wasted

16- He’s sassy!

“Go to hell”

Bad manners Bruce!


17- He comes up with good ideas


If only Bruce listened to him, Batman night have actually been a become of Hope and Justice today. Bot to mention all the disasters that would have been avoided like “Batman and Robin”


18- Butlers don’t rest

Even when Joker sliced and diced his skull and tried to make him kill all his family, Alfred didn’t take a vacation.

(Go to hell back at ya Bruce)

At service 24/7 – Alfred Pennyworth Motto


19- He doesn’t put up with any s**t



you maybe the Batman, you may have gone to to toe with superman, you may know doesn’t of way to kill, you may be able to take down the whole Justice league, Alfred knows all that…. But he just doesn’t care.

This Butler don’t cares Bout nothin.

20- He’s so sweet, he’ll even “Draw” you a bath


-no pun intended

21- He tries not to take things seriously

wow Wally, I never would have figured that out!

22- that’s was not nice

You wouldn’t be nice either if you had to clean up dead hawkmen from your backyard

23- He keeps up with his music trends

And by music trends, I mean English electronica groups from the late ’90s. Pretty hip.

24- … and the latest YA books


Okay, so maybe his music references are a little out of date, but look at him dropping this Artemis Fowl reference! He reads YA science fiction books!

25- He brings you the best snacks

Everyone loves Ice cream, even Batman

26- He cares without overbearing

When someone is too busy fighting crime to take care of themselves, Alfred is there to gently remind them of their basic human/bat needs.

27-  He isn’t a big fan of Robin adoptions

Alfred has been around for a long time, and has seen a lot of Robins come and go in that time. He knows that we all have our own “Robins” in life, our own disappointments, our our perceived shortcomings. Alfred is here to help us all break our bad habits and live with the Robins we’ve got.

28- And lastly he’s the best father figure ever!

We can’t all be Batman, the world needs moreAlfreds

(Written by Vania Vance)