3 MCU Stars Who Are Extremely Difficult To Work With(And 3 Who Are Delightful)

There is plenty of star power on the sets of any Marvel movie these days. With Hollywood stars, you can never tell if they would be easy to work with or just a nightmare. There are stars who look after their co-stars and the people on the sets, but then there are others that are famous for throwing tantrums and making life difficult in general. Here we explore both kind of Marvel stars with a list of the best and worst stars to work with:

1. Delightful : Robert Downey Jr

He is a surprise addition to Santa’s good list. Downey Jr. was once really difficult to work with, but it seems time has got the better of him. For the first Avengers film, he was paid a stunning $50 million, while some of the other actors on the movie received as much as $200,000. For the Age of Ultron movie, he refused to be a part of it unless his co-workers were paid more. Dave Bautista from the Guardians of the Galaxy who also appeared in the Infinity Wars movie also attests to how lovely Downey Jr. is to people on the sets. The two talked about the Guardians of the Galaxy film, which Downey Jr. loved, and Bautista says his time with the Iron Man actor was the high point of his Infinity Wars experience.

2. Difficult : Terrence Howard

It is interesting to know that Howard, who played Iron Man’s friend and confidante James “Rhodey” Rhodes in the first Iron Man movie actually had a bigger paycheck than Robert Downey Jr who played Tony Stark himself. Apparently, he claimed that it was him who convinced Marvel to give Downey Jr “a chance”. The claim was of course denied by Marvel. Rumours suggested that Howard was difficult to handle on the sets, and he was replaced with Don Cheadle for the next Iron Man movie. Howard blames Downey Jr for the way things turned out, claiming that Downey Jr. should have batted for him like he had batted for him.

3. Delightful: Chris Evans

In keeping with the gentlemanly and unbesmirched character of Captain America, Chris Evans who plays Cap is known to be good natured and polite in general. On top of that, the guy is a serious dog lover. While filming a scene at a shelter for the movie Gifted, he spotted a dog and fell in love soon. The dog was named Dodger and the two are apparently inseparable now. Dodger was also spotted with Evans on the sets of Infinity Wars.

4. Difficult: James Spader

The actor who portrays Ultron in the Avengers movies has spoken of the number of particular habits he has that he is obsessive compulsive about. These things that he is actually very very particular about have made it hard for people to work with him. He once told William Shatner that he hated seeing people eating. On The Blacklist, a show that seems to suit all his idiosyncracies, he has had a lot of conversations that have frustrated his show runner. Apparently, Spader is always in character and likes to talk about his character for hours. While the devotion to the character is commendable, doing that over somebody’s Thanksgiving dinner is totally not cool.

5. Delightful: Paul Rudd

He is one of the most likeable guys in Hollywood and it is no surprise that he was cast as the affable Scott Lang or the Ant Man by Marvel. He has a reputation for being one of the nice guys, and he is funny which has made him a favorite of director David Wain. Wain has ended up casting Rudd in all his movies, citing the fact that Rudd always makes him laugh and has the power to make content twice the funny it was when it was written through his acting and personality. Also attesting to his good nature is co-star from Friends sitcom and Wanderlust Jennifer Aniston. When asked about her experience working with Rudd, Aniston said she was honored to have had the opportunity to work with him and had developed a close relationship with him over the years.

6. Difficult: Mickey Rourke

The villain from Iron Man 2 Ivan Vanko, he is famously candid about projects he did not like. While Iron Man 2 is often seen as the worst of the Marvel movies yet, Rourke has said repeatedly that Vanko was reduced to a one- dimensional character lacking any depth as a result of all the cuts that were made in the editing room. He aired all his feelings to media outlets, and then also lambasted 13, the movie project he had just wrapped up as a disaster. Sin City and The Wrestler have put Rourke back as the serious actor he has often deserved to be seen as, and things seem to have settled down now. In his famous flair for candour, he now admits to having wrongly raged out on directors and producers, forgetting the name of his casting agent and much more.

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