3 Ways To Earn Fast Gold In ‘Red Dead Online’

For all the Red Dead Online players, gold is perhaps the most valuable commodity. But knowing how and where to get it from is the real challenge.

The Gold Quest

Red Dead Online is brimming with cosmetics, quest content, and equipment at its core. But there are far more things to get via purchase. While players can surely purchase things with RDO$, some transactions can only be done via gold. Whether it is the cost of some new shoes or a moonshiner business, gold helps players at many places in Red Dead Online. Thus, every player would definitely want to fill their pockets with gold, but first, they need to figure out how to get it.

With that being said, gold is perhaps the premium and universal currency in Red Dead Online. It could be used on every other purchase within the game, for instance like Blood Money Opportunities. On the other hand, it also helps to unlock some special roles like the Naturalist or Collector. The players can thrive to get gold using in-game micro-transactions. However, there are some ways through which one can get all the gold they need.

These are the three prominent ways to earn fast gold in Red Dead Online

Daily Challenges

Daily challenges are long-term investments
Daily challenges are long-term investments

The game offers quite some daily challenges, completing which, players get rewarded with a small amount of both gold and RDO$. While such a payout is meager when compared with other potential payouts, rewards are free and better when a player keeps a daily streak. To keep following the daily streak, players need to complete at least one challenge a day for a maximum of 28 days. As a result, after each completed challenge, players will get rewarded with 0.1 gold.

With that being said, there are seven to nine Daily challenges available, depending upon the Specialist Roles. Additionally, players can even receive 0.3 gold for completing the seven Daily challenges and another 0.3 for the nine. This means a player can easily get 2.2 gold each day if he/she completes all the Daily Challenges.

Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters make the most profit
Bounty Hunters make the most profit

The old saying is kind of true in Red Dead Online – one needs to spend money to make some. While Daily Challenges rewards players with some gold, none could be as profitable as compared to that collected by Bounty Hunters. What all a player needs to do is – select any Bounty whenever they come across the Bounty Board. Next, they need to work and meet the target for best rewards. Purchasing a Bounty Hunter License will cost around 15 gold and will take another 15 for procuring a Prestigious Bounty Hunter License. As a result, it will allow getting rewarded with more significant opportunities.

Promotions And Multiplayer

Promotions plus multiplayer competitions are equals to gold and RDO$
Promotions plus multiplayer competitions are equals to gold and RDO$

The game’s multiplayer mode is one of the most prominent ways to earn quick gold. Even if the players can’t win every other match, they’d still get rewarded with compensation for at least participating. While it might not turn out to be as profitable as the winner’s pot, there is nothing to lose. However, if the player manages to claim a victory, rewards like RDO$ and gold might even get tripled.

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