30 Absolutely Stellar PG-13 Fan Arts Of Your Favorite Shows & Movies

Fan arts are a very rare medium of fan fiction. They give an artist and a fan to explore possibilities not possible in the canon universe.  There have been many shows and movies that have caught our attention. from anime like Dragon Ball to the Stephen King Classic IT, there’s much to explore and look in awe. A particular fan artist named Marcelo Ventura took things the PG-13 route. And his works of art are nothing short of stellar. Take a look yourself. They will leave your mouths wide open.

What if Goku became a hermit? he would still look buff. This fan art gives us an aged but still extremely shredded Goku. he has learnt it all. And he is waiting for his next opponent. Will you fight him? Do you even dare to come closer? Can you even have the balls to look him in the eye even?

Buzz Lightyear meets a Xenomorph. This ain’t a toy story anymore. There’s no way buzz can get out of the Xenomorph’s grasp. Or can he? Its freaking Buzz Lightyear for crying out loud. He will surely come up with something.

This fan art looks sexy and macabre at the same time. Pennywise can’t even handle that much hotness. He has gone blind. And is that a barbershop chair? Like how cool is that!!

The Mystery Machine days are over. Fred and Daphne ended up together and started a family. Velma joined NASA. She is now aboard the International Space Station. That leaves Shaggy and Scooby-Doo, who have taken the mystery Machine and embraced the hipster’s lifestyle.

This Monsters Inc fan art is all kinds of gross. But this might turn some freaks on. Have at it. We won’t judge.

Brandon Breyer has been bested ladies and gentlemen. The evil Super Kid has been taken down by the friendly neighborhood make believe Superhero Qualiman and his faithful human sidekick.

In an alternate timeline, it was Jasmine who rubbed the Genie lamp. But the Genie inside did not have the wonderful bubbly personality and charm of the Late Robin Williams. Look at his lust filled eyes and you will know what we mean.

Do you know what time it is B2? I think I know what time it is B1? *Together* IT’S KILLING TIME!!! This fan art can never be un-seen by us. Any fan art with The Shining vibe is worth checking out.

Adventure time meets Don Quixote in this one. Hey at least the artist made Bimo look normal. Jake the Dog looks like a mutant camel. Finn looks like an exiled French musketeer.

Worst Movie Ever!! But hey they do make good fan art material.

Mario just got chomped by Devilsaur, a beast from the World of Warcraft game. And he took Princess Peach for a ride. Not THAT kind of ride you perverted freaks!! An actual one!!!

Naruto and Hinata – the couple that went through so much together. Let’s leave them be. They could use this alone time to  *ahem ahem* look at each other. Hinata looks H.O.T!

When was the last time you saw Kenny die in the series? We are pretty sure Cartman killed him. Things just went south in South Park.

Both Lilo & Stitch got bigger. While Lilo blossomed into a graceful woman, Stitch just became feistier and more savage with time. They still look cute together though.

You might recognize the characters. They are Pierre Wolfmoon and Penelope Pitson from the hit 1968 Hanna-Barbera animated series – Wacky Races.

This single Naruto Fan Art has better representation of the term “Girl Power” than the forced women’s team up scene we saw in Avengers: Endgame.

We bet you never ever fantasized about the Powerpuff girls. Well now you do. Buttercup!! Manners!!!

Okay now they are just plain old screwing with us we tall you.

Dark, sultry specters of the Dark. They are undead and they are loving it.

If only they could make this happen in The Walking Dead. Princess Peach can enslave us all she wants.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers just became a lot more interesting. Where is Zordan? We miss the Original Power Rnagers.

Back in the eighties, people absolutely fell in love with this show. It’s called Dungeons and Dragons. And if you knew the name, wipe away those tears. Nostalgia sometimes hits us really hard.

If only we could do that in the game. Pyramid Head is freaking unbeatable.

So that’s what happens in the Mouse House when nobody’s looking?

One of the stupidest looking superheroes from One Punch Man – Smile Man. Bet he doesn’t look so stupid now does he?!!?

Looks like Alice went too deep into the Rabbit Hole. This is Alice In Insane-Land.

You go Megamind.

His name is Johnny Bravo and he is stealing all your girls. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Where do we download this version of Toy Story?

Which Joker takes the cake? Our money’s on the LEGO Joker.

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