In 2016, Spider-Man officially became a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he made his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War. Played by Tom Holland, the MCU’s version of Spider-Man is considered by many to be the best adaptation from the comic books so far. But with Tom Holland’s arrival, came a flurry of Marvel memes.

Though this year has been disappointing in every possible way, it is much more frustrating for Marvel fans who were expecting the highly anticipated Black Widow and Eternals. The CoVID-19 pandemic has postponed most of the major releases due to obvious reasons. As it will be a long wait before things turn to normal, here are 30 dankest Marvel memes to keep you occupied till the next Marvel release.

30. Spider-Man Loves Coffee

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Is caffeine needed to create webs?

29. America’s Greatest Symbol

Honestly, nothing symbolizes America more than Captain America’s ass. America’s ass, everyone!

28. Why Is Everyone Such A Mood?

Everyone from Spider-Man is a complete mood.

27. Expectation vs Reality

That’s how life is, sadly.

26. Pets Always Love Us

Show me a better usage of this scene than this meme. I will wait.

25. Bad Luck The Amazing Spider-Man

Honestly, I think we are just being mean to Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. The movies might not have been great, but Garfield was a brilliant Peter Parker.

24. The New One True Pair

We can’t wait to see how their relationship blossoms in the future!

23. Far From Home Hit Hard

Cries in Peter Parker.

22. Disappointed Thanos

Weakness disgusts me.

21. RIP E.D.I.T.H.

What was that? Honestly, blown away.

20. Robert Downey Jr. Can Rock Anything He Wants

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Robert Downey Jr. can decide to wear lipstick and he would still look badass. Change my mind.

19. Sony x Marvel

Laughs in Disney.

18. There Can Only Be One Best Spider-Man

Step aside everyone, the PS4 Spider-Man is THE best iteration of Peter Parker. No arguments about that.

17. Honestly, Not A Bad Idea Though

16. Why Would You Joke About It?

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Seriously, who made this meme?

15. Yay, Spider-Man

See, diversity is not that hard. Just keep an open mind and maybe, stop being a racist?

14. Spider-Man, More Like Tony Stark Jr.

Can we just let Spider-Man do his thing without having a mentor breathing down his neck every time?

13. I Do Wonder

12. Funny Movies With Tragic End Credits Scenes

How do you feel after playing with our hearts like that, MCU?

11. Welcome Back, Electro

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Can’t wait for Jamie Foxx to return as a badass Electro in Spider-Man 3. Spider-Verse, here we come!

10. Give Peter Parker Some Rest

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How much is enough for this kid? With great powers comes great sadness?

9. We Have All Been There

Me: A Normal Headache

Google: Brain Tumor Confirmed

8. Spider-Verse Can’t Come Any Sooner

Make this true, MCU! Bring all the Spider-Men together!

7. Stop Spoiling The Movies, Tom!

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Come on, dude.

6. We Can Relate, Girl

Probably one of the most relatable Marvel memes of all.

5. Bad Luck The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Yeah, no excuses about that. Still can’t believe they ruined Rhino for us.

4. Yeah, Someone Tell Mark Ruffalo He Is A Star Too

Maybe, that’s why Mark Ruffalo must be protected at all costs?

3. Strong Meme Game

You know, I’m something of a meme lord myself.

2. NO!

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1. In The End, Disney Wins

Dread it. Run from it. Disney arrives all the way.

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