30 Marvel Memes To Cure Your Avengers: Endgame Blues

After a decade since its beginning, the Marvel Cinematic Universe brought together all its major characters in arguably the peak pop-culture moment of recent years, Avengers: Endgame. The much-awaited sequel to Avengers: Infinity War,  Avengers: Endgame ensured that the stakes raised in its predecessor won’t be undermined with unnecessary plot armor or deus ex machina. Rather, the movie went ahead and sacrificed the most beloved superhero of MCU, Iron Man.

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The sheer suddenness of Tony Stark’s ultimate sacrifice left fans reeling for months. Though the MCU is set to explore its new journey of Phase 4 with a whole new bunch of heroes, it will never be the same without Iron Man or Captain America. To fill that empty void in your hearts, here are 30 Marvel memes to cure your Avengers: Endgame blues.

30. New ids for free trials? Sign me up!

Marvel Memes

All of us have been there, don’t you dare deny!

29. Doctor Strange x Drake

Marvel Memes

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Man really hates Tony.

28. Bad Luck Barnes

Marvel Memes

When you hurtin’ inside but you gotta smile like everything’s okay.

27. Was Bringing Back Everyone With The Snap a Good Idea?

Marvel Memes

We need a separate movie about it.

26. The Times They Are A-Changin’

Marvel Memes

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25. Black Widow the Unsung Hero

Marvel Memes

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All hail Natasha!

24. Chuckles in Danger

Marvel Memes

Why is everyone cheering?

23. Mr. Stark, I Feel Great!

Marvel Memes

His spider-sense must be tingling already.

22. Step aside, Kaecilius

Marvel Memes

21. What Did It Cost?

Marvel Memes

Press F.

20. Stop Flexing, Tom

Marvel Memes

19. Did People Gain Weight During The Snap?

18. Sibling Rivalry

Marvel Memes

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Frankly, one of the best Marvel memes.

17. Doctor Strange Really Hated Iron Man

16. RIP Loki

15. Should Have Informed Wong

14. ’90s Kids, pfft

13. Goofy Idiots

Idiot by day, Superhero by night.

12. Agent Spider-Man

Marvel memes meet Raimi’s memes.

11. Peter Was Tony’s Son, Change My Mind!

10. On Your Left!

Revenge is sweet.

9. Sweet Home Alabama

8. Can Steve Rogers Ever Have a Moment of Peace?

7. Backbenchers, Assemble!

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6. Don’t Kill the Spider

5. K.

4. MCU x GTA

3. Maybe, Thanos Was Right?

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2. Meet the New Generation…Oh Wait!

1. The Office x MCU

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