30 Reasons to Remind You Why We (And Everyone) Love Jason Momoa

From Khal Drogo to Declan Harp to Arthur Curry/ Aquaman, Jason Momoa has been wowing the audiences since the early 2000s.

Remember Baywatch? We do, but apparently the actor really doesn’t want to. Not that we can blame him.

He is funny, witty, sarcastic and an overall goofball at most times. But he is also loving and fun loving and adventurous. He is from Hawaii after all!

Here are a few instances to remind us all why we love Jason Momoa So. MUCH.

  1. Just watch any of his interviews, they are never boring! Never!

  1. Jason Momoa likes being shirtless, as much as the ladies (and the gents) like seeing him shirtless.

  1. And though we all love his muscles and his abs, he is not that big a fan of working out. Really?

  1. He is an axe throwing, beer drinking, real life superhero! Really! We’re not kidding!

  1. Also, how do you not love him when he is being a total goofball during a talk show?

  1. Green Leotards? Momoa can make anything look sexy, and he knows it!

  1. He loves Emilia Clarke!

  1. And we love them together!

  1. He’s a King with Gorgeous hair. And he can flip it! Whenever he feels like it, okay?

  1. Apparently he is not very good at keeping secrets. I mean everyone knows he is Aquaman already!

  1. And look how cute he is at handling that kid’s question! (On and Off stage!)

  1. Favorite place to have a date night with the wife? Momoa gets a 10/10!

  1. He knows how the audience recognizes him as Khal Drogo. And we completely agree!

  1. No one is better at pitching their show to the audience than Momoa. Really!

  1. Also, he is just like us. He REALLY hates clowns.

  1. He loves his long lineage of Water-Men.

  1. Also… He’s Hawaiian, bro! Like, what?

  1. Jason fanboys over his own cast-mates. To be fair, we would be the same!

  1. Good guys? What good guys? Bad boys are the fun boys, and he knows it!

  1. Even Betty White isn’t immune to his, err… charms.

  1. He is the first to defend his boy… err… Superman, we mean Superman!

  1. Give me one other actor who can rock those pigtails as well as him! Just one!

  1. Rapid-Fire Fan Comments? No worries! He’s got it under control.

  1. Look how happy he is to make his wife proud.

  1. And how proud he is himself to be able to bring representation to the Big Screen.

  1. Momoa even shaved his beard once to bring awareness to plastic pollution. Remember kids – Bottles are Bad!

  1. No adult is this happy to play a Water War. No one! Except Momoa of course!

  1. He would pick Wonder Woman to have a pint of beer. But can we have Aquaman please?

  1. He has fun with his fans too!

  1. His smiling face. That’s the reason. That’s it!

Swagata Das
Swagata Das

Swagata works as a Senior Features Editor at AnimatedTimes. Having previously worked as a Content Writer, her passion for everything pop culture became her true calling as she now works with a global team of writers to brainstorm unique, groundbreaking ideas. Having done her Masters in English Literature, Swagata is a self-professed K-Pop addict with an affinity to work her charms on unsuspecting friends to induct them into the fandom cult.

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