30 Times People Clapped Back With The Perfect Anwer

Do you believe in the concept of right and wrong? Well, it’s obviously different for many people. But there are times when people simply clap back so subtly that they technically deliver the truth. These people do what most people think of, i.e., say the actual truth. So, here’s a list of 30 people who clapped back with the perfect answer that is technically the truth. Check it out:

1. The guy was practically feeding Coyotes. Mo works for the shelter though.

2. A response you cannot argue. Well, how can you argue gravity and science?

3. *Notification sent to Dark Humor comedians*

4. It’s all applicable when it comes to the wild… Wild Wild West.

5. Oh boy… Logic took a serious hit that day.

6. The guy gave him an answer… From the question itself. Clap back lesson 101.

7. That’s like saying, “submarine spotted underwater.” They float, that’s the point.

8. Geez… Give Nirvana some time!

9. I wear specs, and I feel personally attacked!

10. Yes woman. They’re dead. How do you expect them to wake up? Motivation went wrong.

11. Simple facts you didn’t know you need to know.

12. Heavenly wisdom from the Father himself.

13. But what if they take payment upfront?!

14. No seriously… Are they hiring? Because I would apply!

15. The guy is speaking literal facts and sounding awesome.

16. Or how about February 30th?


17. Joshua, you better run for President someday.

18. You know the country is in safe hands when the kids are like this.

19. Imagine Julius Ceaser walking out of the kitchen when you order Ceaser salad…

20. Imagine Ash Ketchum thinking about this with Pikachu. Make Pokemon great again!

21. Me – Currently craving Hawaiian pizza.

22. Hands down. No one can get more literal than this.

23. This kid has a lot of friends it seems! 10/10 from my side.

24. What are you here for? The infrastructure?

25. This guy is the official meme face. But can you change his mind though?

26. Pooh should have fought Thanos!

27. I’m sure the teacher yelled NO while writing it too!

28. I have a Max living in my closet… Is that safe?

29. Bring all the New Yorkers here and the store could be sold out!

30. 50 for the innocence, and 50 for the humor.  The guy is a proper 100.

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