32 Majestic Prosthetic Transformations From Hollywood’s Biggest Movies

Movies are like a mirror of society, informing us about what is going on among the public, with powerful stories. As we know that movies have been in this word form way back in 1888. Since then, movies have been entertaining us, giving us a subliminal message to live a happy and successful life. Films are a form of cinematography used to express suggestions, incidents, and sometimes consciousness. With time there have been a couple of movies that were released; some of them became massive hits breaking all box-office records, while others weren’t up to the mark. What so ever there have been several movies in which the actors have to go through a process to transform themselves into characters that we have loved and seen on-screen. For instance, if we talk about Voldemort actor Ralph Fiennes had to go through a prosthetic transformation to look like what we saw in the Harry Potter movies. Regardless of whether the character is from the DC Universe, the Marvel Universe, or any other franchise, actors have to undergo this prosthetic to completely transform themselves into the characters they play. These stars transform themselves with the help of special effects, prosthetics in order to get the look. But my friends have you ever imagined as to how these actors were able to achieve these looks? From body paint to prosthetics, these actors undergo this process to precisely look like what we as viewers see them throughout the movies. Well, if we talk about what exactly is prosthetics in movies? Then Prosthetics and special effects makeup are used in several films to turn the actor into the characters or advance the story-plot with some products like aging, and injuries. It is even used to create life-like puppets or dummies, just like the corpses we see on screen. Well, it’s a very long and time-taking process through which a character goes in order to look perfect for the demanded look. A full-body prosthetic requires up-to eight hours, while the face prosthetic, on the other hand, takes almost five hours. During this process, the actors have to bee seated on a single chair, getting the desired look. Huh! It sounds like a challenging job, and yes, it really is for both the actors as well as the makeup artists. So we at Animated Time thought why not take a look at the behind-the-scenes hard work to modify actors into these prominent characters. Isn’t it sensational… Well then, take a peep into the process of these transformations and be prepared to get startled by the creativity that goes into the process. 

1. From Ryan Reynolds To Deadpool:

2. From Johnny Depp To The Mad Hatter:

3. From Angelina Jolie To Evelyn:

4. From Richard Brake To The Night King:

5. From Naomi Grossman To Pepper:

6. From Roddy McDowall To Cornelius:

7. From Jack Nicholson To The Joker:

8. From Mila Kunis To Theodora:

9. From Eddie MurphyTo Saul:

10. From Arnold Schwarzenegger To The Terminator:

11. From Eddie Redmayne To Steven Hawking:

12. From Nicole Kidman To Erin Bell:

13. From Kelly Stables To Samara:

14. From Leonardo DiCaprio To J. Edgar Hoover:

15. From Ralph Fiennes To Voldemort:

16. From Christian Bale To Dick Cheney:

17. From Jennifer Lawrence To Mystique:

18. From Brendon Gleeson To Mad-Eye Moody:

19. From Nicholas Hoult To The Beast:

20. From Ian Scott To A White Walker:

Bonus Prosthetic Transformations:

21. From Ron Perlman To Hellboy:

22. From Karen Gillan To Nebula:

23. From Brad Pitt To Benjamin Button:

24. From Danny DeVito To The Penguin:

25. From Gary Oldman To Winston Churchill:

26. From Marlon Brando To Don Vito Corleone:

27. From Paul Bettany To The Vision:

28. From Bill Skarsgård To Pennywise:

29. From Robin Williams To Mrs. Doubtfire:

30. From Angelina Jolie To Malificent:

31. From Michael Keaton To Beetlejuice:

32. From Heath Ledger To The Joker:

Well, from where I can see, it really is a tough job of sitting for at least 5 to 8 hours straight to get into makeup in order to be in character either for the whole movie or sometimes even for just a few scenes.
All the hard work that’s put in creating our beloved actors into these characters is something that requires patience. So above are our picks of 32 majestic prosthetic transformations from Hollywood’s biggest movies, and we hope that you would love gazing at them. What did we miss? Let us known your favorite actor turned into a prosthetic character in the comments section down below.

Source: VisualChase

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