32 Steamiest Images of Elizabeth Olsen Which Proves Why She’s The Sexiest Witch

I think that Scarlet is a name which defines hotness. May it be Scarlet Johansson or Scarlet Witch. And I guess all of you must agree to this. When Elizabeth Olsen made her first MCU debut, we all went flat at her beauty. And at her hotness too. She is indeed one of the sexiest Avenger. Thank God she didn’t die in Infinity War.

If you are a fan of the comics, you would know that Scarlet Witch is not a alluring character in the comics. She is regarded as the most powerful Avenger, but her beauty has never been highlighted. Thanks to Elizabeth Olsen for bringing that side of Witch to us. Boys, get yourself ready to witness the 32 most steaming photos of Elizabeth Olsen.

1. Such a beauty!

2. Alluring!

3. That so pleasant to the eyes!

4. I can’t feel my legs.

5. Arousing!

6. Intimate!

7. Just can’t take my eyes off her.

8. Tempting!

9. Appealing!

10. That’s intriguing!

11. Those eyes!

12. The hairs!

13. Ummm.. Speechless?

14. Vision is a lucky man!

15. Someone give her a solo movie!

16. Scarlet Witch solo movie!

17. Or Elizabeth Olsen Solo Movie.

18. Avengers 5 only for Scarlet Witch.

19. Mesmering!

20 I just wanna stare in those eyes!

21. Seducing!

22. I mean all the Avengers are lucky.

23. Because they are getting a look at her.

24. Oh~! Come to mama!

25. Slaying!

26. B-E-A- utiful!

27. The wicked witch!

28. Oh my Precious.

29. The Princess!

30. Marry me please.

31. Provocative.

32. I would say tantalizing?

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