Twitter’s Questions on Joker ANSWERED! (SPOILER FREE)

The film that has been the talk of the town – Joker, enjoyed quite the positive reviews.

“Joker is loaded with mystery on top of its numerous twists. By the time it ends, viewers will be left with several questions about the experience, some of which might be scarily directed at themselves,” the review reads. “Phoenix’s Arthur laughs his way through terrible scenarios. For this, the actor demands an Oscar nomination it might not be the only nod this DC Comics movie earns. The cinematography, score, and direction create something unlike anything before it – -and it’s terrifying, thrilling, and moving.”

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker


Here we answer your biggest questions about Joker, the film. Set your worries aside, these answers are completely spoiler free!


Joker did not have a post-credits scene during the pre-release screening.

There is always a chance a scene could be added further down the line with it being held as a means to preserve spoilers. Still, the Joker does not seem to have any interest in becoming part of a larger universe or spawning any sequels, so such a move is unlikely. 


The most popular question we’ve gotten since seeing Joker has been which actor was better in the role between Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix. We are positive everyone has th is same question ringing in your mind before you watch the film and decide for yourself. Ledger’s iconic performance in 2008’s The Dark Knight has gone down in cinematic history as one of the best and instantly became a staple for comic book movies going forward. Perhaps, it is best to leave each person the judge for the better performance.

Of course, Phoenix’s performance might bag Oscars.


The film begins slowly. It does little to determine precisely what direction it’s going to take. It requires a while for the personality and those around him to truly understand the crowd. By the time the film is over, some of them will still not be understood, which seemed to be the well-performed goal of the film. Mystery is an abundance. Some filmgoers might enjoy this, some filmgoers might get frustrated.

Back to the question, the film starts slowly, but Phoenix’s artistic film and performance are enough to attract the attention of the audience.


Nudity wise, there isn’t much of a problem in Joker. Still, there are plenty of other problems with bringing a kid to the movie. This is a decision for each parent to make but the movie features intimate, visceral violence along with intense themes of mental illness and its effects. The movie doesn’t seem suitable for young audiences.  


We hope we got at least half of the questions in your mind. The reviews all suggested the movie is quite good and we don’t see much negative opinions, except for the R-Rating, and references to mental illnesses. If these topics disturb you, you might want to refrain from watching the film. Else, there’s nothing you need to wait for!


Source: Comicbook, Screenrant


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