Could Iron Man’s Future In The MCU Ruin His Endgame Death1


Could Iron Man’s Future In The MCU Ruin His Endgame Death?

Several rumours are circulating on Robert Downey Jr.’s last appearance in the recent Black Widow film as Iron Man. His return has raised several questions on the impact of his climatic sacrificial death at the end of Endgame, and its effect on his legacy in the MCU. 


Tony Stark’s Death In The MCU 


Tony Stark’s death caused a significant ripple in the MCU, revealing how impactful his character was


Tony Stark’s climactic sacrifice in Endgame was undoubtedly the most heartbreaking scene in the film and a perfect finish to his story that started in 2008 with Iron Man. Spider-Man: Far From Home provided as the perfect wrap up to the after-effects of Iron Man’s death. It highlighted on the loss brought on by the hero’s sacrifice and served as a reminder to the importance of Iron Man in the MCU. 


Possibility Of Iron Man’s Appearance In Black Widow 


Tony Stark’s death contributed to the legacy that he provided as Iron Man and as CEO of Stark Industries

Both Endgame and Far From Home contributed to a sense of finality to Tony Stark’s death. The fact that he didn’t appear physically in Far From Home became a reminder that he did his part and left for good. The possibility that Tony Stark might appear in Black Widow would inevitably take away the significance of his death and the impact it served. 


Comic books are an example of how characters always have a tendency to come back to life, eventually undoing the impact of their sacrifice or the trauma that resulted within their companions. It reaches a point where readers don’t believe when a character dies because of the possibility that they might come back. 


Continuing Iron Man’s Legacy

Tony Stark’s return will depend upon the content of the scene and how the audience perceives it. The entire legacy of Tony Stark could be impacted with just a few lines, whether it’s for better or for worse depends on his cameo. 


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