36 Amazing Behind-The-Scene Images of Black Widow

Scarlet Johansson is one complete actor. She is pretty, she is hot. She has got superb acting skills. And she could kick asses too. Our agent Natasha Romanoff stole a billion hearts after her first appearance in the second Iron Man movie. And it was because she was, is and will always be awesome.

To be honest, we don’t know if any of these images are from the actual in production Black Widow solo movie. But we have found these adorable pictures of Scarlett Johansson with her Marvel Cinematic Team. So here at Animated Times, we present to you the 36 most amazing behind the scenes and unseen images of Black Widow.

1. Drooling?

2. Still not?

3. Now you will!

4. The Avengers are here!

5. She is funny you know that.

6. Adorably cute!

7. In the words of Magneto, “Perfection.”

8. Wish I could put in my heart <3 in her.

9. I mean Hulk is so lucky.

10. Vision? You are going for the wrong Scarlet.

11. The God of Mischief is indeed mischievous.

12. Scarlet with Scarlet

13. The trio.

14. Hot!

15. Loki got what he deserved.

16. Hot as hell.

17. She is old I guess.

18. Such an engaging one.

19. Did you just notice something?

20. Scarlet is Black Widow and Elizabeth is Scarlet.

21. Black Widow or The Scarlet Witch.

22. I would prefer her over Olsen.

23. She is my favorite.

24. Charmingly adorable.

25. Hey Captain! You are a badass lady in your team.

26. Endearing!

27. Miss Romanoff at your service.

28. Cute

29. Pleasing to the eyes.

30. This is delightful

31. Captivating beauty

32. So appealing.

33. Loveable.

34. The Enchantress. Wait that’s someone else I guess.

35. Adorable

36. Cute as anything.


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