A lot of us wanted Deadpool to be a part of the Marvel Studios franchise. But it didn’t happen. But no fear when Meme Lords are here. Here are the most savage of them all.

1 Deadpool has the guts to bully the mightiest of them all.

2 Hey, Domino is right DP.

3 Rightly said.

4 Even I don’t think so. Real life heroes.

5 When DP meets his match.

6 Oh the two immortal beings.

7 Captain America is always here to impart wisdom.

8 You don’t mess with T’Challa.

9 What did I tell you Wade.

10 Yes yes! Make it happen.

11 Oh we hate you Mr. Boss.

12 Oh kitty!

13 Deadpool has said it a million times.

14 Look carefully.

15 Oh captain bugger off.

16 Hey Kitty! Black Panther kitty.

17 You should learn from your brother Scarlet Witch.

18 Another owner of the Gautlet.

19 No way he is worthy enough.

20 You don’t mess with Deadpool.

21 Maybe.

22 What if it happens?

23 Just cheekhy Deadpool things.

24 One of the many ways to beat Thanos.

25 I am an Avenger.

26 And I will fight side by side with you Steve.

27 Oh Poor DP.

28 What a coincidence

29. Oh wait, this is a bigger coincidence.

30 Hahahah. Deadpool also have an X-Force

31 Thats also Wonder Woman.

32 Another way to defeat the Mad Titan.

33 Oh God! He is even more annoying than Spider Man.

34 Spiderman vs the Scorpion.

35 Run Captain Run.

36 Don’t make such jokes Rocket.

37 Clap for it.

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