Thor isn’t just the Norse God Of Thunder, son of Odin and an Asgardian, he’s generally considered as Earth’s Mightiest Avenger. He has a powerful hammer called, Mjolner, which can only be wielded by him. He has an Immortal strength and a will to fight for Asgard and Earth and combining all, he’s an important character with a story arc that continues both independently and within the Avengers franchise.

He has friends in the past, including Hulk and Captain America but he also has several rivals within the group. So today we will enlist FOUR Avengers Thor trusts will all his life (and THREE that he just can’t stand)

Trust: Hawkeye

In Thor, we see Thor battling Agent Coulson’s agents while trying to escape the SHIELD facility. Hawkeye watches from above and communicates each move of Thor. Just as Hawkeye is taking an aim at Thor, Hawkeye says over the video, “You Better Call it Coulson, I’m starting to root for this guy.”

Hawkeye admires the fight Thor has inside him and once he lifts the hammer that no one could pick up, Coulson and Hawkeye realise that they are dealing with a friend than an enemy.

Can’t Stand: Iron Man

Thor has had differences with Iron Man since 1974’s Iron Man Vol 1. He takes down Iron Man easily by making it rain, rusting Iron Man’s armour.

In the Civil War storyline of the comics, Iron Man uses a strand of Thor’s hair to create a doppelgänger called Ragnarok. Of course, he turns evil and causes chaos. Since then, both of them don’t really get along well with each other.

Trusts: Spider-Man

Even Chris Hemsworth has been vocal about his desire to included Spidey to a future Thor film. The comics have many issues which show both battling with each other.

They have also teamed up with Daredevil to fight the Fantastic Four in Daredevil #38, Thor #150 and ending in Fantastic Four #7.

Can’t stand: Bucky Barnes

In the “Secret Invasion” storyline, we see Bucky joined Thor after noticing him attempting to save civilians in the part. The two don’t get along well in the comics, although they haven’t gone against each other in any issue or storyline.

In the films, they have been seen fighting alongside each other but their partnership is more of a working relationship.

Trusts: Captain America

Cap’s shield stopped the mighty Mjolner in Avengers while stopping the fight between Thor and Iron Man. Both of them teamed up to face Hela in 2010’s Siege Miniseries.

Later in 2012’s Avengers vs. X-Men storyline, Cap selects Thor to join the Avengers Unity Squad, a team including both Avengers and X-Men.

Can’t Stand: Sentry

In 2010’s Siege event, The Sentry is ended by Thor but is later brought back to life by the Apocalypse Twins. He attempts to avenge his death and attacks the Avengers and even manages to capture Thor, only to be saved by Wasp.

In the What If? Storyline, Thor again overpowers Sentry and decides he’s too dangerous to be left alive and ends him.

Trusts: Black Panther

In Infinity War, when the good guys were seemingly losing the battle, they were helped by the sudden entry of Thor, Groot and Rocket.

Many fans also believe that Ragnarok and Black Panther are parallel stories as both films are about the heroes protecting their homeland in opposite ways. The two have had a good history in the comics and both seem to respect each other.

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