4 Best Female Focused Films Similar To Spencer

Female-focused films are quite in trend now. And with the release of Kristen Stewart’s Spencer, viewers are developing their interest in this particular genre. While films like Jackie are there to seek motivation, The Duchess and other similar films are full of royal period drama.

With that being said, Spencer is a story about the late Princess Diana who was beloved by many. Even today, 20 years after her demise, people love her for the person she was. And to depict her life and her story, many biopics, fictionalized dramas, and even music videos try to portray her in the scene. It is Kristen Stewart who is playing the titular role in Spencer. While the actor received multiple types of reviews for her role, Stewart is possibly going to get nominated for the Best Actress in the next Academy Awards.

While Princess Diana is not the only one on the list, various high-profile women are there to seek both motivation and entertainment. With that said, these are the best four female-focused films that are almost similar to Spencer

The Iron Lady

Available to stream on AMC+
Available to stream on AMC+

The Iron Lady is a story about the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher. The story follows all about her life and the controversies she went through and how they all impacted her career and her personal life as well. With that said, it was Meryl Streep who played Margaret’s role in the biopic.


Available to stream on HBO Max
Available to stream on HBO Max

The story of this biopic is about a famous painter from history, Frida Kahlo. With that said, most of her work portrays her life in Mexico. Being a Mexican painter, Kahlo’s life wasn’t that easy at all. And that is exactly what has been shown in the 2002’s release movie, Frida. It is Salma Hayek who has portrayed Frida in the film and not to exaggerate but she has done pretty much a great job. Her role even helped her earn an Oscar nomination.

The Other Boleyn Girl

Available to stream on the Roku Channel
Available to stream on the Roku Channel

No wedded or infidelity hardship from the past can be compared to the story of Henry VIII’s life. The story of The Other Boleyn Girl follows Henry’s marriage with Anne Boleyn. With that said, the story is somewhat more inclined towards the background of her relationship with the king.

Diana, Our Mother: Her Life And Legacy

Available to stream on HBO Max
Available to stream on HBO Max

While Stewart’s Spencer touched a part of it, Diana’s life was much difficult as a royal. And that is exactly what Prince Harry and Prince Williams’ documentary, Diana, Our Mother: Her Life And Legacy is all about. With that being said, the film somehow served as a prominent tribute to the beloved princess and all her accomplishments while working with the AIDS charities in the town. The documentary also portrayed how the princess’s life being a mother was full of sacrifices and contributions for both the princes.

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