4 Clones Of Popular Superheroes Which Turned Out Awesome (And 4 Which Turned Out Lame)

Superheroes and their clones are like peanut butter and jelly. I mean what could be more cooler than having a superhuman go one on one against himself? Superhero vs the clone, both of them equally efficient, equally powerful and understand each other flaws. But why are they created? There is something called universal balance which always exists in the comic world. If a good is introduced, a counter evil must be there to balance him out. And here at Animated Times we are looking at the best and worst clones of popular comic characters.

Here the best and worst clones of your famous superheroes.


Bizzaro as the name suggests is nothing but bizarre Superman. He is just the reverse of Superman. Instead of preventing crimes, he initiates them out of his stupidity and carelessness. Rather than shooting laser guns and freeze breath, he shoots ice lasers from his eyes and has fire breathe. And instead of having a normal speaking tongue, he is terrible at grammar and speaks his words in a jumbled way. “Me am Bizzaro” is his rebirth line.

2. BETTER : X-23

Let’s keep the comics aside for a while. We got a glimpse of the awesomeness of X:23 in Logan. Wolverine has always been a dull, keeping to himself kind of character. Even a slight alteration to his character causes a major change in who he actually is.
Where X:23 is adaptable to the changes. Over the time, she has idolized Wolverine but has also turned from a solo player to a legitimate X-Man. She is now getting her own comic line with a mission to wipe off Doctor Doom, the ultimate villain.


One of the most confusing, complex and complicated comic plot to be ever put into action was Spider Man’s “Clone Saga.” It was just a 1 year project but an unexpected rise in the sale that writers decided to carry it forward as long as possible. Writers were forced to pitch in such a story line which implied that the 30 years of Peter Parker’s life was just implanted memories. Ben Reilly was the real Spider Man and Peter was cloned from him.

However, when he was eventually killed off at the end of the story, he disintegrated into dust, sacrificing himself for the protection of Peter Parker. This clarified that Ben Reilly was the clone and Peter Parker was the real one all along.


One of the most recently introduced character of the comic world is Honey Badger aka Maddy. She is the clone of a clone. She is not directly cloned from Wolverine but from X:23 who is also her mentor. She is so awesome that even Deadpool unironically recognizes her radicalness, and get terrifies at imagining what a well nurtured Wolverine would be if they got proper loving care they need.


When DC, New 52 story first hit the comicverse, it created an unthinkable hype. After all, DC is a master of reboots, rebirths, alternating timeline and everything. We all were excited to see how our favorite Superhero, the Superman would be in the New 52 world. And we were utterly disappointed.

We got New 52 Superboy, who was not even the clone of Superman. He was derived from Superman’s evil son from the future. The two got swapped due to some old fashioned DC time travel crappy and all. The real Superboy sacrificed himself in Krypton saving Super girl while this crappyy mess was adopted by Jon Lane Kent.


For covering up the mess caused by New 52, a non-rebirth and non-crisis version of Super boy was created. He was not only the clone of Superman, but was half from Lex Luthor too. This got him stuck between two extreme identities as he struggle to create an independent of his own.

Super boy worked side by side with Superman in his own title, where he was the victim of the 90’s popularism. However, he rebooted himself as the leader of Young Justice and came out as one of the most promising heroes of all time.


Ragnorak stands for the destruction of Asgard and that’s what happened in the first of Marvel’s “Civil War.” Thor was not available to fight alongside Tony in this one. But Tony had other plans. He teamed up with Hank Pym to create a half clone of the God Of Thunder. But the result, Ragnarok was as brutal as anything could get. He butchered Goliath on his first mission, making Iron Man’s team as the bad guys in the conflict.


With cloning and genetic manipulations being its background, X-Men universe is known for producing awesome and lamer clones of our favorite stars. And Beast was no such exception. Dark Beast is not the clone of Beast (Hank McCoy). He is from the Age of Apocalypse universe, where he was the chief geneticist. For him, “experiment” and “torture” was the same thing.
He managed to alienate himself from everyone and convinced the world that he was the real Hank McCoy. He was later exposed and went underground to continue with his experiments on mutants and humans.

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