While Marvel has been providing fans with constant entertainment on both television and movie screens, DC isn’t as far behind as one might think. With the new DC streaming service providing new streaming content along with the Arrowverse shows and DCEU, there’s never been so much of new content for DC fans.

While only two DCEU films will hit the theatres next year, there are many projects making their way than you think. Whether these are DC’s exclusive shows like Doom Patrol or films like Wonder Woman 1984 and Birds of Prey, DC has a lot of quality content in store for fans. Today we will discuss 4 DC Projects that will premiere in 2018 (and 3 we’d have to wait for)

2019: Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

DC Animation will bring Diana back to life for the first time since 2009 with Bloodlines. The reason behind the long delay of standalone DC animated films was a result of low sales, but now the character’s live-action success has earned the character another shot.

We don’t know much about Bloodlines yet, but you may expect DC to unveil more information as the film releases next year.

Wait: Black Adam

Black Adam will star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Black Adam was initially a part of David F. Sandberg’s Shazam! but WB later decided to separate the two, allowing the character to be developed.

Black Adam will see the titular character trying to fight his way of slavery in Khandaq. The tone is expected to be gritty and the film will begin its production at the end of 2019.

2019: Gotham Season 5

The pre-Batman Gotham cut will end in 2019 with its fifth season. After less than stellar ratings, Fox gave the show a chance to finish off its origin story.

Villains like Harley Quinn and Bane are expected to enter the season. A grand finale is certainly on the table for this series when the fifth season for Gotham debuts in January on Fox.

Wait: Lobo

The news of Lobo getting the big-screen treatment surprised many fans. While he’s making his live-action debut on Krypton, the film has gone through many changes since 2009.

Guy Ritchie and Brad Payton were initially helming the film but in 2018, WB started courting Bay for the film, which might not pan out either.

2019: Swamp Thing

The Green Swampy Giant is finally getting his own series which will premiere on DC’s streaming service. Aquaman’s James Wan is the producer of the series which will see Alec Holland and his transformation from a man to something far bigger.

The series will see Holland struggling to retain his humanity as he ends up becoming something very monstrous. The show will premiere around May-August next year.

Wait: New Gods

Few fans expect Selma to helm the film but it was Ava DuVernay who pitched the film to DC. Her passion for the characters makes her a great and appropriate choice.

The film is in its early development stage as it looks for a screenwriter, but DuVernay wants to adapt Jack Kirby’s 1984-85 run of the series. We don’t know much about the film yet and its production date is yet to be announced.

2019: Watchmen

Nearly a decade after Zack Snyder’s Watchmen hit the theaters, comes HBO’s Watchmen series. Lost showrunner Damon Lindelof will be helming it while it stars Regina King, Jeremy Irons and Jean Smart in the leading roles.

Although Jeremy Irons is reportedly playing the iconic role of Ozymandias, the series is rumoured to take place decades after the original story.

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