Teaming-up with the odd hero(and sometimes, villain) is nothing strange for Spider-Man. Some of his best books have featured him in team-ups, and these team-ups bring him in contact with some grassroots-level heroes. He has been a great help to people like Luke Cage, Matt Murdock and even the X-Men. Not only has he helped out the younger heroes, teaching them the tricks of the trade, but he has also helped out villains, shown them the right path and worked with them on mutually beneficial occasions.

However, as helpful as the Friendly-Neighbourhood Spider Guy is, sometimes he tends to rub people the wrong way. His quips and jokes are sometimes not appreciated by some of the people he works around. He also has been known to take issue with how certain people function. While he has a great relationship with a lot of people, and he cannot stand a fair few too, we made a list of the 4 he is most friendly with, and 3 he cannot absolutely stand.

1)Captain America: Respects

Just like almost all the heroes in the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man too looks up to Steve Rogers as a mentor, guide, leader and helper. Even before Spider-Man became an official member of the Avengers, they had worked together a lot of times.

This appreciation and respect go both ways as was seen when Cap vouched for Spider-Man while others had their reservations about him joining the Avengers.

2)Wolverine: Can’t Stand

It would be inaccurate to say that Peter Parker hates, or even dislikes, Logan. The grouchy, lacking-humour and quick to get angry Logan is just a very difficult guy to work with. Logan too, for his part, thinks that Spidey talks way too much.

Although Peter keeps complaining how much Wolverine smells, it is probably just the huge generation gap between the two that keeps them from connecting on a deeper level. They both, however, work well together.

3)Ultimate Iceman: Loves

Bobby Drake and Peter Parker of the Ultimate Universe became great friends. Possibly due to their similar ages and sharing the same interests. Along with these two and Human Torch, a great trio of defining friendship was formed in the Ultimate Universe.

Bobby actually moves in with Peter and Aunt May by the end of Ultimate Spider-Man. From here on, the trio became brothers, helping defend their New York against all dangers. All of them stood by Peter at his last stand against the Sinister Six.

4)Punisher: Can’t Stand

Not unlike a lot of other heroes of the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man frowns upon the lethal nature of vigilantism that Frank Castle brings down upon criminals. Although both of them respect each other, Punisher thinks Spider-Man is too naive.

Punisher’s respect for Peter is seen when during Civil War, he saves Peter after an attempt on his life and delivers him to Captain America’s safe house.

5)Dr. Strange: Loves

Having worked together on several occasions, and Peter asking for the sorcerer’s help from time to time, they share a good relation. One time Peter managed to infiltrate the Sanctum Sanctorum to speak with Dr Strange without tripping on any of the many traps or alarms. This greatly impressed Strange.

After the events of Civil War, Peter realised his folly of revealing his identity and asked Dr Strange for help. The sorcerer managed to reverse the reveal. This means that Peter Parker owes Dr Strange a debt of gratitude.

6)Blade: Can’t Stand

Why Peter does not get along with Punisher is pretty much why he doesn’t get along with Blade. The only difference is that Frank Castle only targets criminals, and Blade will try to kill all vampires. Peter sees red in this as he is all for second chances.

One vampire who has often brought Spider-Man and Blade at odds is Morbius the Living Vampire. Peter sees the good in Morbius while Blade tries to put him down. Thankfully, so far Blade has left Morbius alive and Peter even gave him a job at Parker Industries.

7)Deadpool: Loves

Despite the initial friction and abrasiveness, the two soon became buddies. In possibly the rarest of rare incidences, Deadpool has the honour of saying he can tick off Spider-Man with HIS quips and jokes. Spider-Man also keeps trying to prevent Deadpool from “un-aliving” people.

Having become friends in Spider-Man/Deadpool, they have spent a great deal of time together and are shown to occupy the same old-age home. Still arguing and joking.

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