4 MCU Costumes Which Were Completely Accurate ( And 4 Which Were Nothing Like The Comics)

MCU has done his fair bit of homework in getting almost every thing right. It has focused on building up his major characters for 10 years before finally bringing them all together against the mighty Thanos.
However, if you bringing a comic character onto the big screen, it takes something even more. Like perfectly portraying his costumes, his gauntlets and his weapons. And Marvel has kind of almost succeeded in it.

Here are we counting our top 5 picks where Marvel got the perfect costumes and 5 where it failed miserably.


The one who started it all. MCU always gave some special preference to Iron Man. Maybe because of the charisma of Robert Downey Jr. But the main thing to notice is how perfectly is the Iron Suit portrayed on the big screen. It is almost as it was depicted in the comics. Iron Man 1 gave us the look of Mark I suit which was made in the gave. And till then the suit has been upgraded over the years to finally give us the Nano-Iron suit in Infinity War. Not only this, Age of Ultron also dittoed the Hulkbuster suit as shown in the comics.


In the comics, to be honest, Hawkeye’s mask look abysmal. But the look is not only about the masks. Hawkeye has a lot of good things to pull in from the comics. And none of it seems like the miserable cloak-like outfit he wore in Age of Ultron. Just a simple modern T-shirt with a purple arrow would have done it for Hawkeye.


It was a shock to everyone that Sherlock alum Benedict Cumberbatch would be playing Doctor Stephen Strange. And it was even a bigger shock to the fans when they realized that a solo Doctor Strange movie is going to be released. But MCU just nailed this one. Everything from the Clock of Levitation to the Eye of Agamotto, even the little details of grey facial hairs was captured in the real life depiction of the Master of Mystic Art.


We all loved Iron Fist in the cartoons, and especially in the Ultimate Spiderman movie. A green and white costume with a yellow mask with a sash and a flaming fist. This was our perfect meaning of Iron Fist.
Not only did Iron Fist lacked in storyline but it also just destroyed the look of Iron Fist. What we got was just normal clothes of a monk with a large dragon tattoo on the chest. This was not the Danny Rand which we expected to see.


The 2018 MCU Black Panther is one of the most loved movie of the MCU. Everything was just so darn perfect. From the beauty of Wakanda to the attitude of the king, from the CGI to the special 3D effects and not to forget the pumping music.
What would have been tough for the directors was to portray the battle gears of Shuri, Nakia and T’Challa. The only thing which was missing from the costume was the cape. The king of Wakanda had a cape which is till now missing from the movies.


With now being one of the most hated characters of MCU, Star Lord’s entry to MCU was kickass and we all believe it. But Quill’s costume in the movie is no way near to the one depicted in the comics, and we are kind of happy for it. In the comics, Star Lord wears a blue and red military uniform and so are the rest of the guardians.


Okay! Everyone of you might say that Captain America is still missing the iconic suit of armor. But the thing is the suit and the armor which Captain America sports in the MCU is perfect for the audience. With Steve Rogers being the centre of the MCU, it is necessary that his costume reflects who he is. Everything from the stealth suit in The Winter Soldier to the old and iconic classic suit in The First Avengers has been almost on point. Even though his shield, until he abandons it, is been on point.


The Mad Titan has loomed over every film since The Avengers. But his looks are becoming less menacing with every following movie. The first glimpse of Thanos in Guardians of Galaxy was so horrifying that we did started praying for the Avengers. However, he has lost a bit of a flair ever since.
Thanos had a much more imposing look with his helmet and the armor just like he wore in the comics and in the initial movies of the MCU. However, such look was not the need for Infinity War.

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