4 Movies Everyone Thought Would Bomb But Ended Up Blockbusters

Fans and viewers love to know pretty much everything about their favorite actors, actresses, and movies. For example the behind-the-scenes and deleted scenes stories. While the box office stats and critics’ reviews echo the success and deliverables of a film after its release, it is purely the prediction (based on the trailers and the rumors) that decides whether a movie is going to be a bomb or blockbuster. Undoubtedly, film trailers can mislead fans at times and these are the 4 movies everyone thought would bomb but ended up becoming blockbusters –

Star Wars

Star Wars is available to stream on Disney+
Star Wars is available to stream on Disney+

Before the release of the very first Star Wars film, it was expected that the project will be a box office bomb. The reason behind such a prediction was the fact that it looked quite different from all other sci-fi films of that time. And as far as the critics’ expectations were concerned, they didn’t highlight any faith in George Lucas’ space adventure anyway.

With that being said, Fox believed that Star Wars is going to be a massive flop on the box office because it was looking so unfashionable. Even George Lucas (the creator) predicted that Star Wars is going to be a box office bomb. However, when the film finally got released, it became a massive hit that too very quickly. With that being said, Star Wars: A New Hope earned $1.5 million at the box office and more than $775 million worldwide.


Titanic is available to stream on Netflix
Titanic is available to stream on Netflix

Before its release in 1997, many critics and fans predicted that Titanic is going to be a box office bomb. The reason behind this was the sources’ information, which claimed that the film was gone through multiple delays and a disastrous production even after having a budget of $200 million.

Furthermore, a famous newspaper started running a daily column in the name of “Titanic Watch” to highlight every delay and budget/production concern going on with the upcoming film. At last, when the release date of the film got shifted from 1997’s summer to 1997’s December, people got assured that it is going to be a colossal flop. However, when the film was released, it ended up becoming a monster hit of all time. As a result, Titanic became a super blockbuster that collected around $2.1 billion at the box office and earned 11 Academy Awards as well.


Avatar is available to stream on Disney+
Avatar is available to stream on Disney+

After the massive hit and response James Cameron received for Titanic, he took a 12-year break to show up again. This time, he came forward with something absolutely different. The film was Avatar. The narration perhaps used state-of-the-art tech that helped the film look like another larger-than-life project. Just like Titanic, Cameron’s Avatar also faced multiple delays, production irregularities, and of course some major re-writes as well. As a result, the critics and reporters assumed that it is surely going to be a flop as fortune might not help every time.

Apart from all the ups and downs it was going through, Avatar had a three-hour-running time, which made it quite obvious that fans are going to get bored inside the theaters. However, once again, when the film got released, James Cameron proved that everybody else was wrong. Avatar became a massive hit and earned around $2.7 billion at the box office.


Inception is available to stream on Amazon Prime
Inception is available to stream on Amazon Prime

After the massive success of The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan chose Inception to move ahead with. Being the hottest director in the H-Town, he was thriving to release a mind-blogging film that is purely based on his own imagination. With that said, Inception was going to star Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead actor.

Now due to its highly original story and the rumor that it is going to be based on a person’s dream, critics and fans believed that Inception will land like a bomb. While everybody quite loved Nolan, they were just worried about whether or not Inception would a good movie. What if it went too complicated for the normal audience? However, when the film showed up, it became a huge profit machine for Warner Bros. As a result, it earned somewhere around $825.5 million globally and managed to win four Academy Awards as well.

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