4 Things We Loved About The Elseworlds Crossover (And 3 We Hated)

For the annual crossover, CW’s Arrowverse entered with “Elseworlds” this year. In the comics, Elseworlds is a title used by DC to tell stories of its heroes in other universes and times. The crossover featuring The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl sees Oliver and Barry waking up in each other’s lives with Kara Danvers being the only one who can see the difference.

Fans look forward towards these annual crossovers, as watching the heroes work together makes them Comic accurate. Every year creators and stars claim that this year’s entry will be the biggest and they’re never really wrong. With this in mind, we have accumulated 4 things we loved (and 3 things we hated) about the Elseworlds crossover.

Loved: Crisis on Infinite Earths is coming.

Fans have been waiting for this since The Flash debuted on The Arrowverse. Fans knew that it’s just a matter of time before “Crisis on Infinite Earths” premieres on the show.

When confronted by the heroes, The Monitor revealed that he’s doing all of this to test the world’s so he can find those ready for an even bigger crisis.

Hated: The Monitor

Arrowverse has always had a villain problem. Compared with the number of episodes produced by all four shows, we haven’t seen many good ‘bad guys’.

Despite fans’ expectations, it seems like The Monitor will become prey to the same phenomenon. He revealed that he’s preparing the worlds for a bigger crisis. For someone who’s all-powerful and all-knowing, he’s certainly short-sighted.

Loved: Batwoman

Fans were really excited about Batwoman’s debut in the Arrowverse. Played by Ruby Rose, the character debuted in Elseworlds Pt 2 which saw Oliver, Barry and Kara travelling to Gotham to find the answers.

She bonded with Kara over having heroic cousins and if the creators are smart, we might get to see more of their friendship in the future.

Hated: Oliver’s Sacrifice

The Monitor did everything he did because he was looking for heroes strong enough to fight the crisis. Unfortunately, all of this led up to Barry and Kara having to slow down time, an act that would’ve destroyed them both.

When Oliver confronted him and told him that he wasn’t the hero they needed for the future battle and that Kara and Barry were what the future deserves, it’s implied that he sacrificed himself to save them.

Loved: Smallville Easter eggs

Since the beginning, Supergirl has hinted that Smallville does play a small role in its world. There are many fans who even believe that Smallville takes place in one of the franchise’s 53 Earths.

Smallville is WB’s longest-running series and it’s the real reason why there’s an Arrowverse. It was great to see Lois, Kara and Clark on a familiar location: Clark Kent’s farm from Smallville.

Hated: Lois and Clark Leave Earth

Since debuting in season two, fans have seen Superman a few times. It makes sense, given that it’s her show. However, it’s always nice to see Clark and Kara explore their familial bond.

We didn’t just get to see Clark this time but he also brought Lois Lane with him. It turns out that they’re expecting which means that they will head back to Argo where Lois shall have the baby. This means that they’ll leave Earth for an indefinite amount of time.

Loved: Tyler Hoechlin

Elseworlds saw Deegan writing himself into destiny as a darker Superman. Obviously, with all the powers, he was still a pretty weak man.

Tyler Hoechlin’s portrayal of this version of Superman is chilling. He was Superman, but not quite. When he showed up as the real Man of Steel; he was even more impressive. Hoechlin gave brilliant performances for Deegan as Superman, Clark as Superman and Clark Kent in the same episode.

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