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When their favored styles and/or residential or commercial properties locate ways to reference or crossover one an additional, fans of geek society love to see globes colliding. Well, today we have a little a thrill to provide geeks all over: Rick and also Morty is formally part of Marvel Universe! That confirmation comes with the release of this week’s most current X-Men chapter in the “Dawn of X” reboot line, Marauders # 6. That publication (complying with Kitty “Katherine” Pryde’s team of globe-trotting mutant pirates) comes with a trademark Jonathan Hickman-style graph (a staple of the Dawn of X line), as well as it’s within that chart that Rick and Morty is referenced as an energetic TELEVISION program within the Marvel Universe!


Caution: SPOILERS for Marvel’s Marauders # 6 Follow!


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Marauder #6 spoilers ahead!

Marauders # 6 helps bring the collection’ first arc around to a close, as Katherine as well as her Marauder ship crew (Storm, Bishop, Iceman, Pyro, Lockheed the Dragon) attempt to eliminate off an ambush by cyborg mutant-hating aristocrat Donald Pierce, and his two enforcers X-Cutioner and also Hate-Monger. That pirate fight between vessels on the high sea ends with the Marauder staff winning the day – or two they assume.

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The X-Men villain’s betrayal

As it turns out, the whole Pierce ambush was a scheme filled with dual as well as triple-crosses. Sebastian Shaw is revealed to have actually been the mastermind to managing the conflict, as a means of executing Kitty (which he apparently does); however, Pierce had a system of his own. X-Cutioner stabs Pyro with his staff at one point – however it turns out that the personnel is really an injection tool meant to launch a microscopic spy: Yellowjacket. As the issue ends, Yellowjacket is piloting a ship Fantastic Voyage-style with Pyro’s body, where he will penetrate the mutant island country of Krakoa as well as collect important intel for Hellfire Academy.

Introduction of Rick and Morty in the Marvel world

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Rick and Morty are here for you in Marvel!


So there you have it, Rick as well as Morty belong to the Marvel Universe!


When Rick and Morty developers Justin Roiland as well as Dan Harmon catch wind of this they’re going to have some enjoyable with it, currently … you understand that. In fact, Rick and Morty has actually most definitely mocked the Marvel Universe several times – the most evident case being period 3’s “Vindicators 3” episode, which was a brutal and clear satire of the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise business as well as model. If really being consisted of by Marvel makes Rick and Morty kinder or more vicious in its mockery, it continues to be to be seen.


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