5 Alternate Spider-Men Who Are Superior To The Original (& 5 Who Should Not Exist!)

In recent times, the mantle of Spider-Man has been held by a few different characters other than Peter Parker. From Doctor Octopus to Miles Morales, New York City have had a variety of saviours donning the spider-suit. But with the Multiverse, there have been a lot of different Spider-Men in existence.

Though Peter Parker is the greatest Spider-Man ever, there have been different versions of Spider-Man who might take the top spot. And also, there are a few versions who are straight out of our nightmares. Let’s find out.

10. Better: Spider-Man 2099

Miguel O’Hara is a brilliant geneticist in Nueva York. As part of the future storyline, Miguel O’Hara is the Spider-Man from 2099. He joins the Alchemax corporation as a geneticist, where he is inspired by the original Spider-Man.

Miguel’s genetic code is 50% spider DNA, which grants him spider-like abilities. Apart from the usual powers granted to Spider-Man, Miguel has the ability to see in complete darkness and has enhanced hearing capability. Due to his DNA alteration, Miguel has talons protruding from his toes and fingers, along with possessing venom glands and fangs. His bite can paralyze powerful foes like Thanatos.

9. Worse: Mac Gargan

Hired by J. Jonah Jameson to find out how Peter Parker clicks Spider-Man’s photos, Mac Gargan was a private investigator before becoming a nightmarish version of Spider-Man.

Mac Gargan became Scorpion after undergoing an experiment. After wreaking havoc as Scorpion, he became the third host of the Venom symbiote. Finally, he was recruited by Norman Osborn to join his Dark Avengers as Dark Spider-Man. Showing cannibalistic and psychopathic tendencies, Mac Gargan has devoured Skrulls and other beings.

8. Better: Spider-Girl

Anya Corazon is the Latin-American version of Spider-Man. Instead of getting her powers from any radioactive spider, Anya derived her powers from the mystical clan called The Spider Society. Chosen to be the clan’s hunter, Anya soon became a hero.

Apart from having enhanced strength, speed, and agility, Anya can sprout a spider-like exoskeleton which gives her extra protection and enhanced her abilities.

7. Worse: The Spider

Sentenced to 67 consecutive life sentences, this version of Peter Parker is a cold-blooded killer who merged with the Spider symbiote. A sociopath, The Spider is a cross between an evil Peter Parker and Deadpool.

Selected by the race of Timebreakers, The Spider visits different earths of the multiverse to commit gruesome murders, including Morlocks, the outcast mutants dwelling in the sewers.

6. Better: Spider-Punk

The coolest iteration of Spider-Man, Hobart Brown becomes Spider-Punk to fight the evil reign of President Norman Osborn. A hero with a golden heart and a punk style, Spider-Punk battled Osborn’s V.E.N.O.M. troops.

A messiah of the downtrodden, Spider-Punk has a massive fan following. On his earth, Spider-Punk killed Norman Osborn by smashing his head with a guitar, followed by unmasking himself to the public.

5. Worse: Patton Parnell

Though short-lived, Patton Parnell is probably the most disgusting version of Spider-Man. Having an abusive childhood with his Uncle Ted, Patton Parnell exhibited sociopathic tendencies and stalked his neighbour, Sarah Jane.

After being bitten by a spider, Patton Parnell turned into a grotesque cannibalistic monster with eight limbs, eight eyes with vicious fangs. After killing Uncle Ted, he had presumably eaten two other people. After forcibly kissing Sarah Jane and leaving a bite mark, he was soon killed by Morlun before causing any more damage. But sadly, his bite implanted hundreds of baby spider inside Sarah Jane’s neck.

4. Better: Dr. Aaron Aikman

After splicing his DNA voluntarily, Dr. Aaron Aikman became Spider-Man. A genius scientist with a golden heart, Dr. Aikman also created a mechanized suit to further enhance his abilities to fight crime.

His Spider-Armour grants him web-shooters, rocket boots, neuro-stingers, and sensor arrays. The specialized electrostatic panels in his gloves and boots allow him to cling to walls. But sadly, he was killed by Morlun in the Spider-Verse storyline.

3. Worse: Man-Spider

Created by Magneto, Man-Spider is a genetically devolved version of Spider-Man. Quite similar to DC’s Man-Bat, Man-Spider’s appearance resembles more of a spider than any other versions of Spider-Man.

Despite having different origin stories in the comics and the animated series, Man-Spider has shown to retain some of the memories of Peter Parker. Yet, his animalistic side and further mutation enable him to spew acid and shoot web from any part of his body without using web-shooters.

2. Better: Miles Morales

The true heir to Peter Parker, Miles Morales became widely popular after the release of Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. Donning the costume after the death of Peter Parker (Earth-1610), Miles Morales soon became a popular and much more powerful Spider-Man.

Apart from having all the abilities of Peter Parker, Miles Morales also has the ability to become practically invisible through his camouflage ability. He also possesses the venom strike which can render the likes of Giant-Man paralyzed with a single touch. Having trained by Captain America and donning a much cooler costume, Miles Morales has also been teased in the MCU.

1. Worse: Superior Spider-Man

After exchanging consciousness with Peter Parker, Doctor Octopus assumed the identity of Spider-Man. As the new Spider-Man in Peter Parker’s body, Doctor Octopus became the Superior Spider-Man who used brutal methods.

To ensure that New York City is eradicated of crime, he turned the city into a police state by deploying an army of robots for mass surveillance. A classic case of ‘end justifying the means’, this version of Spider-Man did have his heart at the right place but took things too far.

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