5 Amazon Original Series Are Confirmed To Be Cancelled

Amazon Prime- the online streaming service available on a membership basis- has been expanding at a marvellous rate over the past number of years. It has been providing its members with a large variety of content- including shows, movies, cartoons, and even Amazon originals.

As much as the audience enjoys the release of a new show, not all originals run as well as they are expected to. If the response fails to match up to the standard expected, the show ends up getting cancelled.

5 originals cancelled by Amazon

5 originals cancelled by Amazon
Too Old To Die Young, aired on 14 th July, 2019

While Amazon has been doing exceedingly well by introducing new shows every few months, it would be disheartening for a lot of customers to hear about the cancellations too. Less than a week back, 5 of Amazon’s originals were cancelled, namely Forever, Patriot, The Romanoffs, Lore, and Too Old To Die Young.

What were these originals about?

What were these originals about?
Forever, aired on 14 th September 2018

Each show encountered setbacks in its own way, which accounted largely for its cancellation.

As for the plot in Forever, it started with a loving couple stuck in a rut. Among the first few episodes itself, the story took a twisted turn which sent the couple to their afterlife, forcing them to work on and resolve their marital issues.

Next up, Patriot was an American comedy-drama which focused on the life of an officer named John Tavner along with his bureaucratic family. The series originally received a good response after its release in 2015, followed by the airing of a second season. Several fans were disheartened on hearing about its cancellation.

Despite the work of a talented cast in The Romanoffs, the plot of the show did not reach out to the audience in a way that was desired. The series failed to resonate with the audience, thus leading to its cancellation.

Moving on, Lore was an American horror anthology developed by the creator of the podcast with the same name. It aired for a total of 2 seasons, dating back to October 2017.

Lastly, Too Old To Die Young was the most recent series aired by the Amazon. Lasting just a little more than a month, the show was a crime series starring Miles Teller. While the series did earn some level of buzz upon its release, it lasted for an approximate 40 days.


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