5 Armored Heroes Just As Powerful As Iron Man (& 5 Who Don’t Even Come Close)

Tony Stark is a genius but he is not the only one wearing an armored power suit. There are few who could potentially be more powerful while some would never come close to beating Iron Man.

Just As Powerful: Samus Aran

Samus‘ suit comes packed with many unique abilities. It is armed to the teeth with all kinds of energy and projectile based weaponry. The suit can even turn Samus into a ball, allowing her get out of tight spaces. but the greatest ability of Samus’ armor is its ability to assimilate any form of technology into itself. The moment the armor comes into contact with Stark Tech, Iron man will be pounded by his own inventions.

Don’t Come Close: Silver Samurai

Ichiro Yashida created a full exo-skeleton powered armor suit made out of adamantium. The only special function this armor has it is made out of a substance that gives it nigh-invulnerability. Iron Man would probably find a way to get past that hindrance and take down Silver Samurai in a split second.

Just As Powerful: Masterchief

John-117’s powered armor suit is called the Mjolnir armor. This is a suit created specially for the Spartan class warriors of the UNSC in the Halo universe. The suit costs as much as a starship and is totally sealed, allowing a Spartan to work in underwater as well as in outer space without any aid. John-117’s Mjolnir suit is equipped with a more powerful AI, has powerful energy shielding, and Masterchief himself is well-versed in the art of military strategy. Iron Man will not stand a chance.

Don’t Come Close: Baymax

Baymax is in itself a robot. Hiro equips the fluffy body of Baymax with a durable armor suit that can dish out a lot of damage. Baymax can fly and lift up to 1000 lbs. But just sheer size and raw strength were never enough to take down Iron Man and it never will be.

Just As Powerful: Blue Beetle

The Scarab armor of Khaji-Da was created in response to Oa’s Green Lantern Power Rings. They give Jaime Reyes an array of abilities. He has access to all forms of technology and enhances the wearer’s physical attributes. The Blue Beetle scarab armor is not to be trifled with. It is a force of nature not even tony Stark could contain.

Don’t Come Close: Alphonse Elric

A skilled alchemist, Alphonse once tried to subvert the laws of nature and paid the price with his own body. His soul now lives in a literal Knight’s armor. Since he is basically a living suit, he never gets tired and has enhanced durability. But his alchemy powers alone cannot take down the playboy genius.

Just As Powerful: X-O Manowar

Aric of Darcia wears the Shanhara symbiotic armor. It grants him superhuman physical attributes as well as incredible energy manipulation abilities. Aric even has a form of sixth sense that pretty much acts like Spider-Man‘s Spidey-Sense. He has universal translation and X-ray vision. Iron Man would have a hard time dealing with X-O Manowar because of his energy manipulation powers.

Don’t Come Close: S.T.R.I.P.E

While the suit does tower over the Iron Man armor, we forget Pat Duggan is nowhere near as brilliant as Tony Stark Dugan has kept adding more upgrades into the suit but Iron man has left him far behind. His Hulkbuster suit alone can rip S.T.R.I.P.E to pieces.

Just As Powerful: Tech Jacket

Zack Thompson is a high schooler who is also the superhero tech Jacket in the Invincible Universe. With the power of flight, super strength and speed, and energy blasts, he regularly goes toe to toe with the Viltrumites, an entire race of evil Supermen. Fighting Iron Man would be a walk in the park for him.

Don’t Come Close: Prophet

Prophet’s suit is also powered by nanotech just like Iron Man’s. It gives him cloaking and stealth abilities and can absorb kinetic energy. The suit also grants super strength. But the technology is far too inferior to what iron Man has at itrs disposal. Tony would see him coming from a mile away.

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