Avengers 4 will mark the end to an era. Among all actor set to depart is Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Jeremy Renner and even Mark Ruffalo. With Captain America leaving the MCU, the biggest question is that who will lead the Avengers in the next phase of MCU. With this in mind, we offer you our picks for the five heroes we’d like to see taking charge of The Avengers in phase four. (and three who just can’t make it)

Some obvious picks include Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther. But then there are a few characters who may surprise everyone and make a jump to the leaderboard.

Potential Leader: Thor

Chris Hemsworth was long expected to leave MCU along with rest of veteran stars following Avengers 4. However, Hemsworth is currently in talks for Thor 4 after the huge success of Thor: Ragnarok. If this happens, we might get to see Hemsworth return, perhaps this time in a leadership position.
The character has seen a lot of development in its last two appearances and with all that he has been through we may expect Thor to act maturely and lead the team.

Just can’t: Ant-Man

Missing out on Avengers: Infinity War this year, Ant-Man will surely join the rest of Avengers in Avengers 4 next year. But the character still has a lot to go through before fitting into Cap’s shoes.

Potential Leader: Sam Wilson

If Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson sticks around for longer, it’s possible that we may get to see him in a larger role. He even takes on the responsibility of Captain in the comics. The mantle of Captain America will pass onto Sam if Marvel decides to pass it on.
Wilson has a military background that makes him fit for leading MCU and there’s no question that he can’t be a leader.

Just can’t: War Machine

Don Cheadle will not be coming back as War Machine after Avengers 4. But even if the character was there, it would be a bit out of the context for the character to lead the team.

War Machine is usually busy with U.S. Air Force, but his role as a superhero always came second to his duty as an officer.

Potential Leader: Bucky Barnes

Sebastian Stan still has a few movies left on his contract after Avengers 4, so it’s safe to assume that he might take up Captain America’s mantle if Evans decides to leave.
Being Steve Rogers’ best friend, many fans are predicting that the Winter Solider will take over the mantle.

Just can’t: Spider-Man

Peter Parker is just a teenager in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s already difficult for him to balance school and his superhero persona. The upcoming phase sounds a bit too soon for Holland’s Spider-Man to rise to a leadership position.
We hope to see more development of the character before he rises to lead the team.

Potential leader: Black Panther

2018’s breakout hero Black Panther is surely going to be an exciting character in the coming Marvel films. In addition to the character’s popularity, it would make sense if he leads up front. He is a king after all.
He can definitely make a good leader but will he ever lead? As much as the fans would like to see him do that, he might be busy taking care of Wakanda.

Potential Leader: Black Widow

Scarlett Johannson will be coming with her solo film after Avengers 4. Although the film will be a prequel, if Black Widow manages to come out alive of Avengers 4, we might see her leading the heroes.
She is the founding member of the team and has been around since the very beginning.

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