5 Best New Marvel Characters Of The Last Decade (and 1 We Never Want To See Again)

Most Marvel characters have been here since a while and a handful of them have already gotten their big budget movie adaptations. But over the years, there have been various newbies who have found their places into the hearts of fans. All these characters have great potential for future stories but we should also remember that not every character can be successful and sometimes it can be downright horrible.
Today we will tell you about the best new 5 Marvel characters of the last decade and a bonus one character which we simply don’t want to see again. Here we go!

5. The Visions

Vision once built himself his own small family because he felt lonely. He had a wife named Virginia and twin children, Viv and Vin. He attempts to live a normal life but they’re not ordinary or humanly. This comes out really emotionally as they struggle to deal with humans and find their own place in the place in the society. Virginia ends up committing crimes and well, it gets more dramatic towards the end.

4. Melinda May

She is Phil Coulson’s Second-in-command on Agents of SHIELD who doesn’t want to leave her desk job because of a mission that went wrong in her past. But yes, she is really professional and joins Coulson’s team despite of her past.
She has embraced her role as a pilot and mentor and has established herself as the show’s most reliable and hard nosed operative.

3. Honey Badger

She debuted in 2016 in All New Wolverine and was known as Gabby Kinney who was another Wolverine clone. She then took the name Honey Badger and joins Laura, her sister to fight bad guys.
She has lost a number of loved ones but she is loved by fans for her positive attitude and willingness to help others.

2. Nakia Bahadir

She is Miss Marvel’s best friend. Has no superpowers. But a good supporter. That’s Nakia Bahadir for you. She’s a great character and is also important because of her compassion and kindness towards Zoe too.
She wears a hijab and insists on being called upon by her full name and between Nakia and Kamala, we see that there are more ways to be a Muslim and no way is better than other.

1. Agent Coulson

He first appeared in Iron Man in 2008 and even though he died in The Avengers, he was made the starring character of Agents of SHIELD due to his popularity among the fans.
He also jumped into the comics in 2011 just to be killed later but we’d all like to see him around, wouldn’t we?

Never want to see again: Hydra Supreme

We all freaked out when Captain America came out as an agent of Hydra. And this wasn’t like he was brainwashed; he was always a Hydra agent right from the first day when we saw him punching Hitler on the cover of Captain America Comics.
It was a shock for fans to know that their favourite superhero isn’t really what he seems and well, if this version doesn’t come back again, we won’t be sad.

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Vasu Sharma

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