5 Black Cosplayers Nailing Their Marvel and Disney Characters

When it was announced by Disney that Halle Bailey will be playing Ariel in the live-action reboot of The Little Mermaid, the news had all internet users go absolutely bonkers. While most fans were celebrating the casting call with some phenomenal art and sheer words of praise, there were some who were screeching incoherently about absolute nonsense.

This showcased how important it is to take one moment to highlight the diversity present out there in the world of Disney. And what better way to show how awesome these known Disney characters are when they’re cosplayed by BIPOC? Let’s find out.

The cosplayers featured today are totally phenomenal, however, they aren’t really getting the attention they fully deserve!

So here are 5 Black Cosplayers you might find yourself obsessed with by the time you’re done with this article.


1. Krystal / MissKrissKosplay



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One of her most popular and recurring cosplays is as Spider-Woman. She has many different costumes that she totally rocks!

“I’ve been cosplaying for a while and it’s such a fun experience and hobby of mine that I love so much.”


2. Anarkee


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A YouTube VLogger, Cosplayer, and Beauty Extraordinaire, Anarkee has all you will find yourself falling totally in love with.

Her work is equally unique, fun and inspiring.

“Honestly, I’m just kinda doing whatever I want.”

While her favorite Disney princess as a kid was Belle, the characters she has cosplayed seem quite endless.


3. BVI Mermaid

This Caribbean cosplayer from the British Virgin Islands is another one you’ll surely want to keep your eyes on for her stellar, knocking it out of the park cosplays!

Although most of her Cosplay are amazing Anime cosplay, never underestimate her Disney universe characters.


4. Dr. Cosplay / Cosplay Doctor

Doctor Cosplay is a full time MD and part-time cosplayer. Reminds us of… Stephen.. never mind!

“This is my favorite cosplay to wear to conventions because the reactions are always priceless AND overwhelmingly positive.”



Dr. Cosplay has revealed that she doesn’t consider herself as a “big” cosplayer, but she does consider herself a satisfied and happy one. Kudos!

“Looking back at old cosplays is an adventure I would 10/10 recommend.”

Her first cosplay was as Doctor Who and it is regularly answered as her favorite to this day.






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