5 Burning Questions About The Series That The Matrix Resurrections Answered

Fans had to wait nearly two decades for The Matrix Resurrections to put to rest long-running rumors and controversies. The first trilogy concluded on a rather ambiguous note, with numerous story strands uncertain as to where they were heading and even those that were resolved to leave many puzzled.

Fans may be content with more than a few answers now that the last installment concluded on a conclusive note, at least until a sequel is announced. Because the primary narrative of Neo and Trinity’s reunion is impeded by the Analyst, it’s easy not to take it all in, thus the best thing to do is catch up on all of the answers offered throughout the film.


The Wachowskis believe The Matrix to be their finest film series because of the various issues it explores. The third film revealed that the machines had their own code of honor that humans had not considered, with Neo seeing through this and trading the Matrix to be free of Smith in return for the machines allowing the humans to survive.

It was unknown if the machines would follow through on their promise in the long run once the fallout from the battle was ended, but The Matrix Resurrections established that they did. Furthermore, some robots grew friendly and merged into mankind as well as their friends, indicating that Neo’s pact was unquestionably the right one to make.


The Analyst was the major antagonist, but he had some fascinating lines in The Matrix Resurrections for fans to think about. He dropped the greatest bombshell when he revealed that he was present during Neo’s encounter with the robots and opted to make his move afterward.

The Architect vowed that he would unhook mankind from the Matrix because he was the one in charge, but that wasn’t entirely accurate. After the confusion generated by the robots’ civil war, the Analyst took control, removing the Architect from the Matrix and demonstrating he wasn’t in charge after all.


The machines were shown reverently carrying Neo’s remains after his death in the third film, however, fans disagreed with what this signified. Some saw it as a foreshadowing of a dignified burial, while others believed that he would be plugged in the Matrix once again.

The most recent film proved that Neo was definitely returned to the Matrix, with the explanation that he was brought back to life first by changes done to his body to guarantee that Neo remained alive in the real world while still inside the Matrix as previously.


The theme of religion was a recurring theme in the original trilogy, with characters such as Morpheus portrayed to be devout believers while others, like as Niobe, have no faith at all. Morpheus assumed that Zion could flourish apart from the machines, but The Matrix Resurrections proved him wrong.

Even after being spared by the machines, Zion could not operate since it was subsequently assaulted by the group that had not agreed to the truce previous to the civil war. It needed humans to build Io far away and hidden from the robots in order for them to prosper and live peacefully.


When Neo and Trinity took a leap of faith to escape the Analyst, they made the boldest decision in The Matrix Resurrections. While this validated their love, it also established that he isn’t The One in the present incarnation of the Matrix.

The preceding films demonstrated that Neo was the most current The One and that he had predecessors who played the same role. Trinity tapped into the same talents as Neo in the present iteration, since it turned out that she and Neo were what made the Matrix even powerful when they worked together. It indicated that, in terms of the current Matrix, the two are effectively The One as a whole.

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