5 Characters From Netflix’s Marvel Shows Who Should Join MCU

Way before Marvel Studios began making their own TV shows, Netflix had created a universe with Marvel’s superheroes Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. The initial idea was to connect the Netflix shows with the movie releases but that couldn’t happen.

Phase 4 of MCU has some large plans, more than what we can imagine, and has introduced concepts of parallel dimension and even alternate timelines. This opens the doors for the Netflix series characters to make their way into MCU. Daredevil has finally made his debut or rather returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Here are 5 characters we expect to join MCU sooner or later.

1.  The Punisher

The Punisher made an appearance in Season 2 of Daredevil and post that he got his own spin-off series. Though not all agree, Jon Bernthal has portrayed the character bang on. The character has his own tale which reveals the destruction of a system that failed him. Due to his personal feuds help to add the curiosity factor in the first season of the show.

But the second season went on to reuse the old villains and it was quite a burden to get through it. Jon Bernthal deserves to keep playing the character and explore new storylines for his The Punisher. MCU could maybe give him a new series allowing him to explore, and only Jon deserves to play the role in case MCU introduces the anti-hero.

2. Jessica Jones

Netflix’s Jessica Jones dealt with various touch topics and even the ones like alcoholism and sexual violence. The series didn’t sugarcoat the reality we all live in and even showed the darkness of the same.

The impact of the superheroic community will always draw some kind of scrutiny from governments and they are powering Jessica Jone’s business. Fans are expecting her character to get into more action and embrace her powers if she possibly comes on the big screen. MCU could do their own take on the character giving her the costumed days back. This will give the viewers a new look at her character. And we would love to see Krysten return considering she was so perfect as the character in Netflix’s seasons.

3. Luke Cage

Netflix’s Luke Cage season 1 showcased the Black culture of Harlem and even the complexities in the neighborhood. The fans were a bit disappointed and the makers took note of the same.

The second season then finally showcased Mike Colter as the true Protector of Harlem who was ready to put his own morals aside to maintain peace in the place. Luke Cage is one of the most powerful members of The Defenders and has an impervious skill that lets him take any kind of damage. Luke Cage could be MCU’s hero who lives among the people and understands the issues first hand.

4. Colleen Wing

Colleen Wing is one of those characters who doesn’t require a team up in order to get her character on the screen. She wasn’t given justice in Iron Fist and honestly needs her own titular project. And Jessica Henwick already doing great as the character and her own fighting scenes too. Colleen Wing is one of the reasons people remember Iron Fist. She deserves another shot as just when her character was gaining popularity, the show got canceled which is not fair.

5. Iron Fist

Danny Rand aka Iron Fist serves the Heroes for Hire alongside his mentor-cum-partner Luke Cage. This Netflix’s show creators tried to capitalize on the popularity of Finn Jones (Game of Thrones) and cast him as the hero.

He gave his 100% to the character, but it just didn’t sit well with the viewers. And Marvel Studios would probably need to do some recastings if MCU plans to introduce the hero.

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