5 Characters Who Are Better Off As Heroes (And 3 Who Should Just STOP Being One)

Villains aren’t really villains in their own eyes. Sometimes or rather on most occasions, they come up as heroes on their perspective according to the situation or a person. The Joker once told Batman that he’s just one bad day away from being a villain and well, that’s true Batman could’ve chosen the path of crime too, had he wanted.
There have been times when heroes turn out to be evil like the case of Captain America where he became a Hydra agent briefly. Okay, enough being said, today we will tell you about 5 villains who are better as heroes. (And 3 who should stop trying to be good.)

Better off a hero: Black Widow

Natasha Romanov is one of the deadliest assassins in the Marvel Universe but she has remained a darker side to the Avengers, keeping in mind her horrifying past.
She was abandoned as an orphan in Eastern Europe and was admitted into a female school for spies and assassins. Because of this we often see her getting emotional towards a good guy but her brutal training makes her unpredictable and a far more interesting hero than a villain.

Stop Trying to be a Hero: The Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts was also a team like Avengers and began in Hulk #449 which was eventually a super villain group in disguise.
The group can be compared with Suicide Squad but unlike the Squad, these people are tamed.

Better off a hero: Falcon

Falcon has always been a true friend of Steve Rogers and has been a prominent member of Avengers.
His appearance in almost all important events has made him a great hero and he is also seen as the first African-American superhero and has even donned the Cap’s mantle on occasions.

Stop Being a hero: Hawkeye

He began as a two bit villain and was introduced in 60’s, and he was convinced by Black Widow to join the Avengers. He often manages smaller teams and we feel that if he would’ve been explored as a villain, it would’ve made him a more important character.

Better off a hero: Vision

He was created by Ultron as a “synthezoid” to take on Hank Pym and he was convinced by Avengers to join the team and he later fell in love with Scarlett Witch.
The best part about this character is his desire to be a human and we feel as a villain he wouldn’t be as interesting as a character.

Stop trying to be a hero: Wonder Man

The greatest threat could be a villain who doesn’t appear as a villain. He’s broad shouldered and looks like an ideal superhero. He joined the Avengers to destroy it from inside and was aided by Zemo and Enchantress.
Wonder Man had a change of heart at the end and aided the team to escape. And then he became just another superhero. Sigh. Can I be one, too?

Better of a hero: Morbius

He’s not your typical creature of night and has a thirst for blood and has superhuman strength and well, obviously looks like a vampire. It’s his constant ramble between his blood thirsty side and the human side.
He started as a villain in 1970’s with Spider-Man but went on to correct the experiment that ended up him in that state and he constitutes to become a tortured hero.

Better off a hero: Galactus

He’s the “destroyer of worlds” and was introduced as a villain against the Fantastic Four and he’s hungry. Like, hungry enough to gobble planets and lacks empathy.
When multiple Marvel Universe merged it changed Galactus’ nature. He started to reverse his power and restored life. He serves as a great counterpart for Thanos who’s a nihilistic super villain.

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Vasu Sharma

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