5 DC Hero-Spider-Man Team Ups That’ll Be Really Fun (& 4 That Would Be Boring As Hell)

While Spider-Man crossing over to the DC Universe seems impossible, that has not stopped us from making this list. There are tons of DC Superheroes who would be a good fit for teaming up with Spider-Man. But there are superheroes who would actually make matters worse. this is a fun tam-up list. None of this might ever going to happen so we suggest you just enjoy the list without getting into the nitty-=gritties of its possibilities.

Hell Yeah: Spider-Man + Lobo

This is the main man we are talking about. Lobo is probably the most well-known fourth wall breaking anti-hero of the DC Universe. He is prone to violence and making inappropriate jokes. The guy is like Deadpool and Wolverine rolled into one. Like Logan, his brash and arrogant attitude ticks everyone off. Lobo is grumpy all the time. he is also aware that he is in a fictional world and regularly breaks the fourth wall in various story arcs. That is a very Deadpool like trait. A Spider-Man and Lobo team up would drive us into fits of laughter and excitement.

Hell No: Spider-Man + Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is known to be a lot more understanding and accommodating towards her allies. She is famed to be a team player and can work with just about anyone. But with Spider-Man, she might finally meet an ally even the great Diana Prince cannot stand. Besides there is very little common grounds for the heroes to team up. Wonder Woman fights gods and monsters. The strongest villains in her rogues gallery are at least ten times more powerful than the Spider-Man villains. There’s a vast difference in abilities. Their team up would suck big time.

Hell Yeah: Spider-Man + Green Lantern

Both come from vastly different backgrounds. An that is exactly why we think this would work. Both got super powers due to the result of a freak accident. Hal Jordan was chosen after Abin Sur met his abrupt death. Peter Parker became Spider-Man when a stray radioactive spider bit him. Green Lantern and Spider-Man’s powers are extremely different as well. This would mean each hero would have to get out of his comfort zone to aid the other. Since it is Green Lantern, a bunch of evil alien beings might also be involved. This would be an adventue of a lifetime for Spider-Man.

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Hell No: Spider-Man + Green Arrow

While Green Arrow is a pretty good team player, there are a lot of reasons the team up between him and Spider-Man would be a let down. For starters, Green arrow would be a safe bet. He can work it out with almost anyone. Spider-Man and Green arrow would probably clash because of the difference in their methods. And when push comes to shove, they would set aside their differences and join forces to work together and defeat the common foe. That is a rather formulaic and predictable approach to address a crossover story line. And the fans will not like a story they could see the ending off of from miles away.

Hell Yeah: Spider-Man + Nightwing

Nightwing aka Dick Grayson is one of the most skilled superheroes in the DC Universe. His rogues gallery does not boast of such powerful and diversified villains as Spider-Man’s. But his skills are more than enough for him to keep up with the Spider-Man rogues. Nightwing and Spider-Man would make for the perfect crime fighting duo. With their brains, skills, and quick thinking, the two are tailor made for a crossover. If Spider-Man ever walks into the DC Universe, it would be an absolute crime if Nightwing and him do not meet at least once.

Hell No: Spider-Man + Batman

Like Green arrow, this will be another Predictable choice. Granted batman acts more like Wolverine, a hero who also happens to be a known ally of Spider-Man back in the Marvel Comic Book Universe, it would still be a boring as hell team up. Batman is known to work alone. he rarely teams up with his own allies if he believes he can do the job, let alone a stranger. He has trust issues as well. In addition to that, Batman’s star power would take away the focus from Spider-Man and put the spotlight onto the Dark Knight. As much as we hate to admit it, batman and Spider-Man teaming up is a horrible idea.

Hell Yeah: Spider-Man + The Atom

Spider-Man is a creature of science. Under that red webbed mask, there is a scientist blossoming, ready to come out. Peter Parker is a genius and a scholar. So is The Atom. Both the heroes have a great mind. Their different skillsets would only add more flame to the fire. The best part is – it does not matter which version of The Atom joins forces with Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. Ray Palmer’s Atom could impart wisdom onto the web-slinger. If Ryan Choi’s version of The Atom meets Spider-Man, the friendly neighborhood superhero could become somewhat of a mentor figure to the comparatively inexperienced superhero. It would be fun to watch the dup nonetheless.

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Hell No: Spider-Man + Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter is the heart and soul of the Justice League. But he is a very complex character. Always reserved and composed, J’onn J’onzz is a force to be reckoned with. When you pit him along with a bickering personality like Spider-Man with a habit of throwing witty one-liners, we get a rather formulaic duo. A super talkative fellow teaming up with a stoic and reserved guy is not a new thing in a story line. Hollywood has literally driven that trope to dust. Martian Manhunter and Spider-Man’s on-panel chemistry would mix as much as oil and water.

Hell Yeah: Spider-Man + The Flash

In more ways than one, Spider-Man and the Flash are pretty similar. Both consider themselves street level superheroes. Both are funny and witty. Like Spider-Man, the Flash has some pretty colorful villains in his rogues gallery. Barry Allen faced tragedy when he was young, just like Peter Parker did. There would be no DC Superhero who would understand the phrase of “With great power, comes great responsibility” more than Barry Allen’s The Flash. Both would hit it off right off the bat.

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