5 DC & Marvel Characters Who Keep Coming Back To Life (And 3 We’ll Never See Again)

Comic books are like narrative stories like Urban folk lore tales with each issue telling a different perspective for a character. The characters are written by different and there are times when many of these characters come back to life. Hate them or love, these characters keep coming back to life again and again and today we tell you about 5 characters who keep coming back and 3 who don’t.

Comes Back: Barry Allen
Barry Allen once sacrificed himself to stop Anti-Monitor during the 1985’s “Crisis on Inifinite Earths” storyline. In the process of creating a speed vortex to suck up the power of anti-matter, Allen gets sucked up himself.
We get to know that Barry had been stuck in the Speed Force for all those years and well, he returns to reality thanks to the efforts of Zoom.

Stayed Gone: Richard and Mary Parker
Spider-Man has been one of the oldest heroes ever and it has been established that his parents Richard and Mary Parker were CIA agents who perished in a plane accident during a mission.
Peter lived with his relatives after this and well these two characters didn’t come back from the grave.

Comes Back: Robin
Robin always comes back and there hasn’t been a single one who has gone permanently. After Jason Todd is blown up by Joker, he returns as The Red Hood.
Even Damian Wayne gets his life ended by Herectic but he was brought back to life by Bruce.

Stayed Gone: Jonathan Kent
He was Superman’s adoptive father who never gets resurrected and while we saw Jonathan’s life taken by a bad storm in Man of Steel but the comics shows a different story where Jon dies of a heart attack after he gets to know that his son had fallen at the hands of Doomsday. He was dead by the time he was taken to the hospital.

Comes Back: Jean Grey
Jean Grey became Phoenix in 1980 and killed herself to stop the Phoenix force. It was later shown that it was not Jean herself but Phoenix in disguise while Jean was inside a healing pod all that time.

Stayed Gone: Alexandra Dewitt
She was the girlfriend of Kyle Rayner and after a battle Rayner finds his girlfriend strangled and stuffed inside the refrigerator at his home by Major Force.
It seemed like Alex would be brought back to life later but this version of Alex turned out to be a mere projection constructed from a Black Lantern.

Comes Back: Superman
Superman was America’s first hero to be introduced and he rose on to become one of the most popular in no time. It’s tough to imagine Superman getting killed by someone but the closest it has been was during the “Infamous Death of Superman” where he gets killed by Doomsday.
Superman returns in a black suit and a lack of powers which he eventually got back with time.

Comes Back: Spider-Man
This happened in the final issue of Ultimate Spider-Man where Spider-Man sacrifices his life in a fight against Norman Osborn. It’s a situation where he sacrifices his life to save Mary Jane and Aunt May.
Spidey manages to lift a truck and crush Norman with it and the truck explodes before Peter could evade it which resulted Spidey unable to recover from his wounds. Well, seems like our favourite friendly neighbourhood superhero isn’t all good, is he?

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