5 Differences Between Captain America In Movies and Comics

Captain America is one of the most loved characters in the Marvel Universe and thanks to MCU, fans have seen why he is loved so much. He has an amazing attitude, experience, and valuable skills, along with the shield and super-soldier serum, which have helped him take on some highly dangerous villains making him an important member of the Avengers.

At one glance, MCU fans might feel that the movies and the Marvel comics are the same, but they are not. Here are a few differences between Captain America in the movies and comics.

1. He Was Frozen For Just 20 Years

One of the major parts of Captain America’s story in both comics and in MCU is the one where he was frozen in ice. However, when it comes to Marvel Comics, Captain America was frozen only for around 20 years. He was thawed in the early 1960s and then joined the Avengers in Avengers #4.

Comparatively in the MCU, Cap was frozen from 1945 till 2011. But that was also needed due to the timing of the MCU but they have never really addressed the same in the comics outside of alternate universe like Ultimate Comics.

2. Captain America Leads The Avengers!!

In the films, Captain America is the “leader” of the Avengers, but yet everyone is seen listening to Iron Man. But this could be since Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron Man is the most popular hero of MCU and as a result, the fans would expect him to be the leader.

But this is not the case when it comes to the comics, Captain America is considered the best leader the Avengers have ever had and each one of them looked up to him for help, guidance, and tactics. Everyone is used to seeing Iron Man as the go-to guy of the Avengers  and he comes up with all the plans,

3. Hydra Wasn’t That Prominent In His Life

Captain America has always gone against Hydra in the comics as well, but it was extremely different compared to the films. In the movies, Captain America fought Hydra during WWII more than he had fought the Nazis.

However, in the comics, Hydra was the home for most of his Nazi foes who had survived. He did fight them but they didn’t play much large role in his life. Post the movies, Marvel decided to make comics match with the films so that Hydra had an important role in his life.

4. His Nomad Disguise


In MCU, Cap decided to quit being Captain America after the events of Captain America: Civil War, but he was still “Captain America”. He didn’t decide to become Nomad as he did in the comics.

He has quit the post many times in the comics for many reasons; a prominent one being that he was disillusioned with the American Government and didn’t want to be associated with it any longer. So Steve Rogers goes rouge and takes on as Nomad for a few issues. And there is a new Captain America who fights alongside Sam Wilson.

As we know, that doesn’t go well and Steve Rogers comes back.

5. He Was A Member of The Invaders

This part of Captain America’s life was never adapted by the MCU. This is probably because the members of the World War II era aka Namor and Human Torch were still not part of the MCU until a very recent time.

Captain America had joined the forces with the original Human Torch and Namor way back during the war. They were the characters in the 1940s and later were brought into Marvel Comics. Marvel Studios finally has the rights to the Human Torch and Namor, so fans can expect Invaders to come soon. If they make it as a prequel and maybe Disney+ series, could we see Chris Evans back as Cap?

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