5 Early Superhero Franchises That Made MCU Possible

Hollywood is on the go to outrank any comic, Bollywood, or any other area with its exceptional existence of early superhero franchisees who have made MCU a great success ever since its start. MCU is not an entirely original creation but having a close look at its characters and storylines exists from the great source material. MCU is always on the go-to offering a good influence which is just a handful different from previous movie franchises.

Movies like Superman, Spiderman, Batman, its different parts, and elongated series with Marvel adaptations of X-Men, wouldn’t have been a success. A cherry on the top played well with the real existence of Tim Burton, Wesley Snipes.

Explore the 5 Early Superhero Franchises That Made MCU Possible

1) Superman

Man of Steel
Man of Steel

The name suggests well itself, Richard Donner’s original Superman movie was the first hit to succeed within the comic book adaptations. With great visual effects and the tagline which went viral, ‘You’ll believe a man who can fly’, kept updated with the audiences. The superman movies have not been captured perfectly always within the spirit of a character but they surely delivered the right anecdote to a timeless story.

2) Batman

The Flash will also see Ben Affleck returning as Batman
DCEU’s Batman

The Adam west starring an exceptional Batman character, which was also the biggest flex for the TV shows of the 1960s. The sequels and the relinquishing roles provided great success for actors such as George Clooney, Christian Bale, and Robert Pattinson. All the dark comic movies stole the great limelight within MCU.

3) Blade


Blade was again the right hit that proved that Marvel studios are a lucrative goldmine making the glory mark of Hollywood. Almost everything which fans love today about the character Blade came all in from Snipe’s semi-improvised performances. Currently, MCU is defined all by its quips. When Blade joined MCU he also won a great reward via the Oscar.

4) X-Men


Familiar exquisitely with MCU formulas training back to Bryan Singer’s X-men movies. The movies were re-lived and imagined again with the social commentary in accordance with the source material. The early comics from the 1960s were solely based on civil movements but the movie intended to use the characters as an allegory for the LGBTQ community.

5) Spiderman

No Way Home
No Way Home

The best of all times! Sam-Raimi’s spider-man trilogy transplanted the ‘hero’s journey’ outlined beyond words within comic genres. Peter-Parker is often defined as an awkward, sweet, and unwaveringly driven person who played the role 100% truly as expected with the actor. If Raimi’s trilogy did not exist, we would not have seen such great movies, the most latest No Way Home, delivered by MCU’s greatest triumphs which turned out amazing again.


MCU is regarded as a great escapade especially when gone with a comparison with other basic comics. Special thanks to a much-streamlined timeline movie that delivers great content that is attractive enough for the viewers and the fans! To organize this world into a better space, MCU is the only adventure that helps us all to keep going.

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