5 Heroes Who Took Down Deadpool (And 2 He Has Crushed)

Even before the release of Deadpool in theatres, the character was well known among Marvel fans. Created by Robert Liefield, he is one of the funniest personalities in the comic book world. He looks similar to DC’s Deathstroke, but his unique sense of humour is entirely original.

Over the years, he has fought many epic fights with legendary Marvel characters. Sometimes he has won them while other times, he has just lost. Given, that he has the best healing factor in Marvel doesn’t mean that he cannot lose. Today we will discuss 5 heroes who have beaten Deadpool. (And two he has crushed.)

Beaten DP: Daredevil

While Deadpool was hunting a shapeshifter, he found himself against Daredevil. He opened fire on Daredevil, thinking that he isn’t an actual hero. But when Daredevil dodged his bullets, he knew his mistake.

Daredevil ended up thrashing Deadpool, and while he explained himself with the shapeshifter story, Daredevil left him tied up in the middle of the street.

Beaten DP: Hulk

Deadpool has had many encounters with Hulk. While people avoid making Hulk angry, Deadpool deliberately angered Banner to make him transform. In this weird fight, Wade Wilson actually hoped for Hulk to smash him. M

This happened in Deadpool #38 when Deadpool told Hulk that the only way to stop the bombs was to take him down. Hulk agreed to this and smashed him but his healing factor saved him every time.

Beaten DP: Thor

Deadpool has dressed up as Thor multiple times over the years. He had a signature helmet and a hammer to fly around with and Thor didn’t really appreciate Deadpool making fun of him. The two clashed and obviously, Deadpool was no match for Thor.

Thor knocked him out using his hammer and that was the last time Deadpool impersonated Thor.

Beaten DP: Black Widow

Deadpool once tried taking on the entire Thunderbolts but he got distracted by Black Widow. He attacked Black Widow with romantic advances and while he was distracted, the Thunderbolts took him out.

He may have been beaten, but Black Widow found his affection sweet and revived him.

Beaten DP: Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl has taken down Thanos, Doctor Doom and even Galactus. Sadly, Deadpool has also fallen prey to her claws.

While fighting Squirrel Girl, he got distracted by his own warped sense of reality which made him think why was he fighting a squirrel girl. Ultimately, she took him down with conviction.

He Beat: Uatu The Watcher

Uatu is an extremely powerful Celestial, who had sworn an oath to only observe and record in the planetary affairs. But Uatu has intervened many times in Marvel Comics.

In one of the issues, he was taken down by Deadpool. Interestingly, Uatu was the narrator of the story too. Deadpool used the “God Taser” artefact against Watcher before he offed Uatu.

He Beat: Entire Marvel Universe

Deadpool once took on every superhero in the Marvel Comics. In fact, he did this twice.

This series sees Deadpool hearing a voice in his head telling him to kill everyone. He kills everyone; from Spider-Man to Avengers and X-Men. He did it again during the “Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe again” storyline.

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