5 Hidden Details We All Missed In The Matrix Resurrections

Morpheus and Seraph start a frantic rescue operation with a full-fledged Sentinel attack on Zion looming and Neo stranded in Limbo. The Smith software has turned into a virus and has gotten dangerously intoxicated on power. After being freed, Neo forms a bargain with the Machines: leave Zion alone, and he’ll stop Smith.

The Matrix Revolutions may not have been as successful as the first film, but how could it have been? The Matrix became an immediate icon of pop and sci-fi culture, which is no easy achievement in any generation. The last film was at least a nice conclusion to the trilogy. Here are some hidden details from The Matrix: Revolutions that you may have missed.

5. Code of the Rain

The ultimate confrontation between Neo and Smith took occurred in the pouring rain, as do many excellent postmodern superhero-type showdowns. But they’re not simply battling in the rain inside the limitations of a computer program.

Because Revolutions was one of the first films to be shown in IMAX, those who were fortunate enough to watch it here did not witness rainfall. They recognized the rain for what it was: Matrix code as the system failed.

4. Deja Vu

During the first film, Neo unwittingly informs the team that agents are on their way when he has deja vu and sees the identical cat wander across the screen. A similar event occurs when the Matrix seems to reboot itself after Neo defeats Agent Smith.

But it’s not just a similar cat; it’s the identical cat and meow. Was it merely a malfunction, or did Neo genuinely save us all?

3. Only Coloured Shot

When your entire movie franchise mostly takes place inside of a computer program, you need to have a way to illustrate that. All three films within The Matrix series were shot in muted green hues to illustrate the outside world was really a computer program.

The last human city of Zion didn’t have a lot of color in it either. With the happy ending that Revolutions provided, the last scene of the movie actually is the only one of the film series that shows a bright blue sky and greenery seen from inside of the Matrix itself.

2. What About the Machine City?

When Neo and Trinity board the Logos to travel to Machine City, the film doesn’t give too much detail. The Animatrix, the companion anthology series, however, provides a detailed description of not just where the Machine City is, but also how it came to be.

In “The Second Renaissance,” a two-part narrative, once mankind had developed artificial intelligence, humans spurned their robot counterparts, causing them to take over an empty region of Saudi Arabia. The machines appropriately call their settlement “Zero One.”

  1. Mjolnir Comes Home

Since Naobi had given her ship to Neo and Trinity to head to the Machine City, that left her to co-pilot The Hammer on her way back to Zion. The Hammer is actually the nickname for the ship’s real name, Mjolnir. As the ship heads back to Zion, Morpheus, Naobi and the rest of the Hammer’s crew are fending off Sentinels from trying to destroy the ship.

It rushes into Zion doing exactly what Mjolnir does when Thor tosses it. Morpheus fires the EMP, effectively bringing the lightning and destroying the Sentinels.

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