5 Hilarious Mistakes In MCU Movies Not All of Us Noticed !

Iron Man movie marked the beginning of the MCU franchise and there has been no stopping since then. Today it is one the most celebrated “Universes” in world and everyone looks forward to their new releases.

However, there have been few mistakes or rather goof ups in these movies which you probably didn’t notice in the first go. Here are 5 mistakes from the MCU movies.

1. When Doctor Strange Was Prepping Up For A Surgery – Doctor Strange (2016)

Doctor Strange

Doctor Stephen Strange was a brilliant surgeon before he went on to become one of the smartest superheroes in MCU. He is extremely talented but seems like he was even careless as a doctor when it come to hygiene.

It was pointed by many “real doctors” from the audiences about a particular scene. In the scene, while prepping for surgery, Strange washes his hands and then puts on the mask which is against the protocol as this would have contaminated his hands.

2.  When Thor Was Given Wrong Directions – Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Thor: The Dark World

Thor, the God of Thunder can fly anywhere he wants to and even reach his desired destination within seconds, so when he chooses a public transportation, we can expect him to not be aware of anything. In a battle, he ends up in London subway station as is asking for directions to Greenwhich.

A woman tells him he needs to travel 3 more stops but the people from London who know the subway system pointed out that Thor wasn’t even on the correct train!

3.  Accidental Cameo By A Crew Member–Doctor Strange (2016)

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange has introduced the world of magic to the MCU and it has some opened up some very interesting worlds and effects to the universe as whole. But not a single spell is helpful when it comes to removing a crew member who appears in a shot.

When Strange explores the armory, which has many magic weapons, including his cloak, we can see a crew member in the background. And it is funny since he isn’t even doing anything but just standing, which makes us all wonder that why were they there in the first place?

4. The Upside-Down Mug Event! – Iron Man (2008)

Iron Man

Tony Stark can build a suit in the cave with limited resources, but he can have his dumb moments too. In the movies, we always see him working hard on the latest tech and improving his weapons and suits.

In Iron Man, when Tony was working at his desk, there was an upside-down coffee mug. Then in the next shot, he was sipping from the same mug. How could he not notice that there was nothing in his cup?

5. So Captain America’s Shield Has Self Healing Ability ?–Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Avengers: Endgame

Cap’s shield holds a lot of significance in MCU. We have witnessed Cap surviving countless fights with the help of it. But when he faced Thanos, he managed to smashed the shield and almost broke it.

It was quite a big moment since all the fans thought this could mean the end of their beloved super hero. But, magically, when the portal opens and the heroes reappear and Cap’s shield is just proper!

Mahima parmar
Mahima parmar

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