5 Incredibly Bizarre Facts About Thor’s Body, Explained

Thor – the God of Thunder, has many hidden secrets within his body the fans still do not know about. It is time we decipher them all. Here are some really cool and bizarre facts about Thor’s body.

His Body Can Take An Ungodly Amount Of Damage

In the MCU, we saw Thor battle the Hulk and stand up to the Jade Giant’s powerful punches. His body is also super resilient to radiation and heat. Not even a star could harm him or even do any substantial damage to him. Thor’s Asgardian Physiology somehow increases his entire body’s boiling point. A normal human body would be vaporized if it stood in front of a star in outer space. In the comics, Thor has survived a point blank explosion of a planet killing doomsday bomb. Even when his powers reduced to a half of what they were, his bodily durability was still on superhuman levels. His resilience defies explanation. Experts claim his immensely dense musculature might have something to do with it.

His Resistance To Disease & Poison Stems From Magic, Not His Asgardian Biology

Thor’s resistance to damage is as strong as it is internally as it is externally. The anti-bodies his body produces are magically enhanced. He can walk through a village rife with plague and would talk to infected patients but still won’t be sick. Thor’s immunity is probably even bette than Wolverine and Deadpool’s but Marvel ahs never explored it in detail. But that is not to say Thor cannot be sick. A magic based disease can still rock his defenses and leave him weak. That is what happened when Ragnarok came for the Nine Realms. But he still managed to recover though.

He Does Not Need Sleep, Air Or Food

Believe it or not, the comic books show that the God of Thunder has no need to sleep or eat. Moreover he also doe snot require to breathe to survive. His body can go on for months without experiencing the slightest form of fatigue. His biology gives him the ability to self-sustain itself. And he has no need for oxygen. His ability to survive on literally nothing is probably why he managed to stay alive in the cold vacuum of space before the Guardians nabbed him in Infinity War.

He Weighs As Much As A Small Car

His musculature is pretty dense, even by Asgardian standards. His bones and skin are also very durable, partly because they too are very dense. Thor’s body can withstand immense amounts of pressure in the form of crushing, breaking, bruising, and more. But this does come at a cost. Despite how chiseled he looks, the Odinson is actually very, very heavy. He weighs almost half a ton. So if he tripped on something and fell on you, say your last prayers as quick as possible.

 He Can See Colors & Hear Sounds The Human Body Can Never Register

The God of Thunder possesses innately superhuman sensory powers. His senses are probably stronger and more perceptive than any other Asgardian’s. Thor can see colors the human eye, which can theoretically see 10 million collars, cannot see. His auditory fucntions are also super-enhanced. he can hear the faintest of sounds. This is how the God of Thunder was able to answer the prayers of his Middle Earth subjects. he could hear them all.

Bibhu Prasad Panda
Bibhu Prasad Panda

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