5 Incredibly Crazy And Weird Facts About The Hulk’s Skin We Bet You didn’t Know

The Incredible Hulk is the strongest person there is in the comic universe of Marvel. The Green Rage has been around since the very start and has fought almost everyone – hero or villain. The Hulk rarely loses, and if and when he does, it is almost always his own mistake. Hulk’s character arc is almost as interesting, and the other Hulks out there, like the She Hulk and Red Hulk are almost as interesting to read as the original Bruce Banner. What is different about Hulk from the other superheroes out there is that his strength and powers increase as he becomes more and more enraged, making him almost unbeatable in battle. A number of people believe that Hulk is one of those superheroes that will become immortal with time. There are a number of interesting things about the character. However, here we just focus on weird facts about his skin:

1. The Incredible Hulk was supposed to be… grey?:

This is one of the most incredible revelations about the character. Stan Lee, the creator of Hulk, originally wanted the character’s skin to be grey. Stan Lee was inspired by characters of the Frankenstein monster and Jekyll and Hyde and wanted Hulk to be grey to represent a cross between them. However, as luck would have it, there was a printing mistake when the first issue of the Incredible Hulk came out and the character of Hulk was given a charcoal black or silver shade. Opting for green because no other character at the time was green, the Green Goliath was born. The idea of a grey Hulk was not abandoned, and Marvel comics returned to it about twenty years later.

2. Grey Hulk’s powers :

In the comics Incredible Hulk #324, the original Grey Hulk returned with art work for the cover from the first issue. The Grey Hulk moves to Las Vegas where he sets up a new shop and becomes Joe Fixit, a cagey and manipulative enforcer who is much less of a hero than even the Green Hulk. The grey of the color is representative of the moral ambiguity of his character. He is also
much less angry than the green Hulk so he is much less powerful. He can still lift upto 75 tonnes. The suave grey Hulk also drives a lot of cars in the series. Originally, the Grey Hulk was supposed to turn into the Hulk at night and change back into Bruce Banner during the day but that concept was chucked in favor of Hulking out.

3. Green Hulk’s powers:

The green Hulk gets stronger and more violent as he gets irritated, angry or injured. This is the most common version of the Hulk, one that we all know about. The Hulk has stayed green almost the entire time of his existence. He can grow into the Savage Hulk if he is pushed that far and he is virtually unbeatable and unbreakable when he is in that state, except by some very special powers. The Green Hulk is often shown to be emotionally unstable and almost dumb when he is raging out, but there have been times that he has been able to talk in the transformed state and even carry out intelligent decision making. The thing about the Hulk is that he is an indelible threat to property when fighting enemies and all people he thinks of as a threat.

4. The Pale Green Hulk:

After his stint as the Grey Hulk or Joe Fixit in Vegas, Bruce Banner goes to see a therapist who manages to stitch together the three personalities residing in one man – Green Hulk, Grey Hulk and Bruce Banner. The mix of these characters wore flip flops and was often called Professor Hulk. He was able to control his rage so he converted into Bruce Banner when he got too angry. At the same time, he was able to shed all the shady character that came with Grey Hulk so he became a true superhero. The Pale Green Hulk was never as powerful as Green Hulk though, not being able to feed off the rage and indignation that the Green Goliath felt.

5. The She-Hulk is opposite:

Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters is the exact opposite of Bruce. When green, she is civil and intelligent and works as a lawyer while she is green. Unlike Bruce who was suave and intelligent, drove cars and made shady deals when he was grey though, Walters seems to rage out to a grey color when provoked enough. This we see in Sensational She Hulk #15 when she becomes totally surrounded by demons and instead of giving in, loses her cool and becomes grey and fights them out. In fact, the intelligent Walters actually starts sounding very much like her cousin the Green Hulk. We also see this after she battles the Mad Titan Thanos in Civil War II. She turns grey after the apparent death of Bruce Banner, showing once again that her intelligence and civility reside in the color green not grey.


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