5 Instances When Fantastic Beasts Made Us Nostalgic About Harry Potter Films

Harry Potter is one of the most loved movie franchises and it will always be. Fantastic Beasts serves as a prequel series taking place from 1920 to 1945. While we can’t compare them, there will always be certain things that could directly remind us of the things that took place in the Harry Potter franchise.

Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore is still struggling to financially impress the Warner Bros, and we possibly might not get the 4th and 5th installments of the franchise. But here are the times, when the franchise impressed us with the nostalgic Harry Potter references!

1. The Music

fantastic beasts brings out memories from harry potter
Well have some amazing memories when it comes to Hogwarts

Ah! This hit us differently. The Crimes of Grindelwald showed us Hogwarts and it was an incredible feeling for all of us. We haven’t seen the school for so many years, so it was a special treat seeing it again.

In the prequel franchise, when the school was shown, they played the iconic Hedwig’s theme and that just got us our childhood memories back. It definitely gave us goosebumps.

2. We FINALLY Met Nicholas Flamel

Fantastic Beasts connected Harry Potter in many ways
We finally met the mastermind behind the Philosopher’s Stone

Just like the golden trio, we were too curious to know what Nicholas Flamel looked like since he was so old! In Philosopher’s Stone, we just heard about him from Dumbledore and the books they read in the library.

But in the prequel franchise, Nicholas Flamel finally appeared. He was already ancient at that time as well and any pressure could break his hands.

3. Nagini in Human Body!

Fantastic Beasts made our Harry Potter memories fresh
So many fans were shocked to see Nagini as a human

In Harry Potter, we just saw Nagini as a snake and Voldy’s companion. But the prequel franchise revealed many things about her. We came to know that Nagini is a Maledictus aka a person who suffers from a blood curse and is passed down on the female side of the family.

This curse leaves the person turned into an animal permanently. That is how she ends up being a snake.

4. The Fantastic Beasts (Magical)

Fantastic beasts had so many magical creatures
We met so many magical creatures in the prequel

Well, the prequel franchise is literally built on these creatures. But we saw both the franchises show these animals and mesmerize us. In Harry Potter, we met the Thestrals, Dragons, and the amazing Buckbeak aka Hippogriff.

The prequel franchise also expanded the number of creatures. Newt is seen taking interest in these beasts and even caring for them. He is in the process of developing multiple techniques for them and all of these are later taught at Hogwarts itself.

5. Meeting Leta Lestrange

fantastic beasts : secrets of dumbledore
Leta Lestrange has a powerful family

Theseus Scamander was engaged to Leta Lestrange and though she did die in the prequel franchise, her family is very important in the Harry Potter franchise.

Well, the Lestrange family has some iconic characters in Harry Potter and Bellatrix Lestrange is the most famous member of the family. They are also related to the Malfoys, Lupin, and Tonks families.

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