5 Marvel Characters That Need To Be Reintroduce In MCU !

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been giving us hints regarding the Multiverse and with the releases of Loki and What If…? fans have already gotten an idea of what they can expect from the upcoming movies.

The trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home introduced characters from outside of MCU and it’s high time they introduced others as well; X-men and Venom being the obvious choices. But here are some forgotten characters who starred in Marvel movies and shows way before MCU and should make a return!

1. Howard The Duck- Ed Gale

Howard The Duck

Howard the Duck is probably the weirdest movie that aired in theaters back in 1986. Ed Gale starred as Howard the Duck and it has been remembered for his portrayal and it would be definitely worth watching in the MCU.
The character has cameoed in the MCU and was voiced by Seth Green and fought the battle in Avengers: Endgame as well. However, the fans deserve to know that filthy Howard and hopefully with an actor in a real duck costume. This would be a fantastic way to add weirdness into the multiverse.

2. Ghost Rider – Nicolas Cage

Ghost Rider

Nicholas Cage’s Ghost Rider came out in 2007 and it received mixed emotions from the audience and the critic. And the quality of performance given by Nicolas Cage could give an extra boost to the MCU. Nicholas Cage’s interaction with other MCU characters would be something epic to witness. And imagine how good the movie would turn out to be if the Ghost Rider is written to the same quality as the ongoing MCU films and shows. There’s no doubt that the character has a lot to offer and can have a better impact.

3. Man-Thing – Conan Stevens


Man-Thing was one of the lowest-rated movies but the character does have a lot more to offer. The character was voiced by Conan Stevens and the movie doesn’t resemble comics at all. The beast looks more like a swamp monster who is busy terrorizing the locals. But there is a positive thing about the movie and that is the design of the Man-Thing. If the monster is introduced to MCU, it could lead to more of a horror-movie-style film. And hopefully, the actor can add more to the character as the story of professor Theodore Sallis who goes on to become the Man-Thing.

4. Elektra – Jennifer Garner


Elektra; the assassin-for-hire had her own movie in 2005 and just like most of the Marvel films, it didn’t fare that well. Elektra is seen struggling to protect a father and daughter from supernatural assassins and there was not much depth to her character. She has more to offer in the comics and is the love interest of Daredevil.

5. The Punisher- Thomas Jane


Thanks to Jon Bernthal, no one remembers who played The Punisher before him. The 2004 movie didn’t do well post its theatrical release. Thomas Jane actually did a pretty great job as The Punisher. The critics were however not happy with the casting of John Travolta as the villain.

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