5 Marvel Cinematic Universe Things Fans Didn’t Know Were Completely CGI

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a fantastic film series. It has some of the most amazing stories we’ve ever seen in terms of superhero filmmaking. More than that, Marvel Studios has created a whole universe centered on its characters. The heroes now seem to live and breathe among us, as real as your next-door neighbour. The individuals working behind the scenes on the CGI for the movies deserve a lot of credit for this. We may believe that we understand what CGI is and is not, but the MCU’s visual department is skilled. They’re so good at it, in fact, that you’d never guess it was CGI in the MCU movies. Do you still not believe us? Take a look at this list.

5. Black Panther (Civil War):

T’challa, the hero, was introduced to us in Civil War, and we got to see him perform some incredible things, such as take helicopter fire head-on. The dude is a beast, but his outfit is nearly entirely CGI. It’s fascinating to see, but the entire operation takes a lot of post-production finesse before it appears the way it does onscreen.

4. Ant-Man’s Visor:

Like many others, Ant-outfit Man’s is an iconic aspect of the hero’s personality and aura. Scott Lang is a quirky, quick-witted person who transforms his ways and is thrust into the spotlight as a gigantic superhero. As the guy shrinks and grows, much of Ant-Man’s abilities rely heavily on CGI. The visor he wears, however, is the most deceptive CGI on him. The visor on Ant-helmet Man’s is CGI, and we had no idea. The crimson glass appears to be genuine, although it is not in most of the shots.

3. Quantum Realm Suits (Endgame):

The quantum suits used in Endgame were all CGI, and this is one of those items on the list that astounds us as much as it does you. It does, however, have a completely reasonable explanation. Endgame, you know, was largely shot in 2017 and 2018, but it didn’t come out until 2019. As a result, the directors had no idea what the outfits looked like during the filming. As a result, the performers wore their usual clothes while the CGI costumes were inserted later once the design was completed.

2. Thor’s Sleeves (Infinity War):

Thor is a fascinating figure with a fascinating and comic-accurate outfit. The most intriguing aspect of the armor is that nearly all of it is CGI on screen. His sleeves, for example, are nearly always CGI; we don’t know if this is to enhance the aesthetic or to guarantee that electrical surges may be depicted on them, but it is still some sly bit of CGI.

1. All OG Avengers (Endgame):

In Endgame, several characters were de-aged. It may even be more than you expect. The original Avengers were redesigned to appear like their younger selves, and it was a hit with everyone. We can’t see the changes right away, but they’re there. Marvel is wise to do this since it allows us to unconsciously distinguish between the many incarnations of the characters.

So yes, these are the 5 Marvel Cinematic Universe Things Fans Didn’t Know Were Completely CGI. Several of these things were literally CGI, and hats off to the graphic designer team for making these CGI’s possible. So these were the items you were unaware were CGI. Which of these surprised you the most? Please let us know in the comments area below. Till then, keep reading Animated Times for in-depth coverage of the entertainment industry, upcoming films, and other issues. in addition to TV series, celebrity news, and much more.

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