5 Mind-Blowing Theories About WandaVision Episode 4

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first creation of Phase four is WandaVision. The series has given the fans many mysteries and questions to quest for. That resulted in the development of (fascinating) fan theories. This series’ events are happening in the picturesque town of Westview. The first three episodes of the series mainly focused around Wanda and Vision and their sitcom, although the fourth episode, ‘We Interrupt This Program,’ seems to be changing gears for the story. Before we proceed any further, SPOILER ALERT!!

The fourth episode explained what’s going on outside Westview and filled many gaps in the story by showing the flashback glimpses. It reveals Monica’s true identity, and she goes back to working for her old job of ‘Head of S.W.O.R.D.’ Also, Jimmy Woo and Darcy are seen for the first time on screen in Episode 4. Despite getting some of the answers to viewer’s questions, the internet is flooding with MCU fans writing out their theories. These are the best ones we found:

Who is Jimmy Woo's Missing Person?
Is it Hawkeye or Antman?

1. Who’s Jimmy Woo’s Missing Person?

Since after Jimmy Woo’s appearance on the screen, it is clear that he’s here to work on a missing person case and that he’s assigned to be monitoring someone in witness protection. So it became clear that the person he was supposed to be watching has disappeared. But now that every person living in the town has lost all of their memories of the past few years, no one can help him look. The theories about who this missing person is, are quite appealing. One theory suggests that the missing person is Scott Lang. Viewers saw Jimmy Woo tracking Scott earlier in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Hence he seems like a person who might still be interesting in the F.B.I.

Another theory suggests that this person can be Clint Barton. After the kind of assassin he turned into after the Infinity War, it seems plausible for him to be on the F.B.I.’s radar. Fans have seen his relationship with Wanda in the Avengers: Age Of Ultron. She grows an affectionate, brother-sister relationship with Hawkeye. Given their closeness, he seems to be in her alternate reality.

Agnes is Actually Agatha Harkness
Agnes is Agatha

2. Agnes is Actually Agatha Harkness

Remember Wanda’s nosy neighbor? Yes, her. As this episode reveals true identities, it turns out that Katherine Hahn, the actress who plays Agnes’s role, is actually Agatha Harkness. Agatha Harkness is an extraordinary witch and Wanda’s mentor in the comic universe. Fans must have guessed her character right by the boy she’s dressed and by the name of her pet rabbit, which is the same as her son’s (Nicholas Scratch).

Dr. Strange is in WandaVision?
Is Dr. Neilson actually Dr. Strange?

3. Dr. Strange is in WandaVision?

Darcy Lewis was introduced to the scenario when Monica disappears in front of Woo’s eyes. Darcy is sent there by S.W.O.R.D.S. to investigate the situation. He is an astrophysicist, and soon he discovers that the frequency of a sitcom watched on an old T.V. can be matched with Wanda‘s frequency. Agatha’s real identity was still easy to guess for the fans, but what if Dr. Neilson is actually Dr. Strange, the master of mystic arts himself? And maybe he’s in disguise so that he gets to be closer to Wanda. This is still just a theory, and it might just be right.

Ralph is Mephisto
Hexagonal shape might indicate the presence of Mephisto

4. Ralph is Mephisto

With Agnes coming into the picture, Ralph’s theory also being present in Westview isn’t new. Episode 4 confirmed these theories when viewers saw Jimmy Woo questioning the appearance of hexagons. According to the theory, the hexagons are the result of Mephisto’s doing. These shapes are believed to be evil and also suggest the presence of hex magic. The Wanda setup is also hexagonal and was present throughout the sitcom. When Agent Franklin entered the town, he was turned into a beekeeper, suggesting that he’s working in a honeycomb (also hexagonal). Some believe that since a hexagon has six sides, it could infer the number 666, a number for the beasts. This theory has raised the most exciting questions and leads to a bigger picture in the already mysterious story.

Is Vision Alive In An Alternate Universe?
Wanda may go looking after Vision in multiple universes.

5. Is Vision Alive In An Alternate Universe?

Ever since the announcement of the show, fans have been under the question of is Vision alive? And how? Episode 4 solved this mystery. When Wanda pushes Monica through the walls of Westview, saying, “You’re a stranger here, you’re trespassing and I want you to leave,” she catches a glimpse of her dead husband in his real form- dead with a hole in his head. The creepy image gave the audience their answers, but Wanda continues to live in the same fake reality that she created to cope with his absence. After her bubble bursts, a theory suggests that she will keep looking for him in multiple universes. There will be a Dr. Strange intervention in this story, giving rise to the Multiverse of Madness.


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