5 Most Clever Movies Scenes We Still Can’t Get Over

Hollywood is full of surprises. Just look at these clever movie scenes and decide for yourself. The list is full of genius movie sequences.

Into the Spider-Verse: Miles Is Not Falling, He is Soaring Through The Sky

In the movie’s official trailer video, we see an epic sequence where Miles Morales aka Spider-Man takes his leap of faith. That was his first real flight as Spider-Man. On closer inspection, you will see things are not how they seem. The camera flips the angles midway through the shot to show Miles is not falling. He is in fact soaring through the sky. That was the essence of the leap of faith shot.

Parasite Constantly Used Water As a Symbol of Class Warfare

Bong Joon-Ho’s Parasite is a milestone in the movie making industry. It broke records and made several new ones. The fans would remember Parasite for its bleak take on society’s class warfare. Water, in Parasite, is used as a reference to represent the enormous rift that existed between the upper class and the lower class. One family who lives in a sub-basement looks down on a person living literally in an underground bunker. The class warfare is extremely visible. The Upper Class people don’t even care. When it starts raining, the water seeps from the floor and reaches the basement, the sewage flood affecting the downtrodden the most. It shows just how the odds are stacked against the lower class.

Toy Story 3 Has Toy Story 1’s Claw Moment

In Toy Story 3, Woody and the gang are about to become toast, being pulled into the garbage incinerator. They have even accepted their fate. And then a miracle happens. A huge metallic claw comes forth to pull them literally out of fire. The aliens have saved the day. This is actually a clever reference to Toy Story 1, where the claw moment happened for the first time.

The Usual Suspects Reveals Verbal Is Keyser Soze

Arguably the greatest twists of all time in Hollywood, this cemented The Usual Suspects as one of the most well-thought movies to have been ever made. When people watched it in the theaters, the twist forced the entire audience to stand up and applaud. Kujan is recording Verbal’s statements. It is only after it is too late that he realizes that everything Verbal said was a carefully crafted lie. Verbal was Keyser Soze all along. That was the greatest trick the devil ever pulled. – he vanished and convinced everyone he was never there in the first place. Kevin Spacey gave an incredible performance. We still condemn his recent misadventures though.

Baby Driver’s Perfect Title Sequence Choreography

The title score in Baby Driver is brilliantly choreographed by the actors in a near perfect sequence. Every single movement done by the actors is with respect to the musical score, with the steps and the actions matching the music in the background. There’s a mysterious rhythm and purpose to the scene that fans were never able to decipher until now.

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