5 Most Impossible Comic Fights Which Actually Happened!

The comic fans love imagination. And that’s why the “What if” articles are the most popular ones. They make people live their dreams. What if Hulk went on one on one with JugHead? What if JFK wrestled Savage Dragon?
However, the comic universe is really really vast and everything which you can imagine has already happened in some timeline or the other. Today at Animated Times we are bringing you the most impossible battles in the comic universe which actually happened.


When it comes to strength, there is no one in comparison to DC’s Superman and Marvel’s Hulk. They are the nightmare of the mightiest of villains. But what if they have to fight against each other.
These two giants have been in a dual “thrice.” The first duel took place in 1981’s Superman and Spiderman: Marvel Treasure#28.
The next encounter occured in 1996 Marvel vs DC, where Superman got his sweet mullet-fueled licks against Prof. Hulk. The latest encounter happened way back in 1999 in The Incredible Hulk vs Superman, where Supes is punched into the space by Hulk.


This was a great idea to introduce to real life super star into the comics. And then again bring him on against the Man of Steel.
But what would tempt Md Ali to get in the ring with Superman. They both are Earth’s hope and they both are good beings.
The answer is simple. An intergalatic threat is approaching the Earth and the planet needs to determine who would be the best to represent the planet. Superman gets in ring with Ali and they both present a healthy fight to the audience. At the end of the day, they both join hands.


Hey how about we bring in a bit of Star Trek in X-Men. This was a master stroke which Marvel played.
Gladiator came through and punched the Enterprise and made them stay out of the business. When X-Men tried to board the Enterprise, Spock senses them and then runs into none other than Wolverine. Spock had no idea of his strength and neither did Logan of Spock’s.
Spock singlehandedly turn the tables on Wolverine by his old Vulcan nerve pinch.


Rob Liefeld is known to be one of the most creative minds in the history of comic books. The co-founder of Image, Rob is also known for his works on Cable and Deadpool.
His issue Godyssey is one of the most controversial and interesting comics of all time. Its about an angel and a half-demon. In a dream sequence, the Greek gods mock a crucified Jesus. They bully him for being a Loser. But then Christ loses his control and comes out of the crucifix to get his hands on the Greek Legend. Even though its all a dream, its there on the comic book page.


With enough prep time, Batman can beat anyone. Also, we know that Batman has created backup to defeat every character of the Justice League. But its rare to see Batman going one on one with someone from the Marvel Universe.

In this issue, Bruce Banner was working along with the Wayne enterprises on a gamma gun which can cure epidemics. The Clown Prince aka Joker shows up and tries to steal the gun. Bruce loses his control and transforms himself into the big green monster. But, he was up against the mastermind Joker. Joker convinces the monster that Batman is Hulk’s enemy. Hulk attacks the Batman and in an ensuing fight, Batman takes the upper hand on the Jade Giant. Batman uses the knockout gas from his utility belt. Hulk laughs and holds his breath. Taking the opportunity, Batman delivers a punch to the Hulk’s solar plexus, hence forcing him to breath in the gas and fall down to the ground.


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