5 Most Infuriating Superhero Movie Tropes, Ranked

People around the world have been seeing their favorite comic book characters come to life in their imaginations for many years now. When we actually start seeing those characters in action on a big screen, it doesn’t get old for us. Some of those superhero movie producers have taken their love for those same stories and created actual cinematic masterpieces that others would dream of creating. At the same time, there are certain realistic tropes we’ve seen in so many comic book movies over the years now that it’s starting to bug us. With that being said, these are the 5 most infuriating superhero movie tropes, ranked in ascending order –

Insignificant Costumes

Infuriating superhero movie tropes: Insignificant costumes
Infuriating superhero movie tropes: Insignificant costumes

Sometimes we notice in the news that some fandoms aren’t happy with what their favorite characters look like onscreen. We’re pretty sure everybody remembers how Psylocke’s new outfit didn’t go over well with many X-Men fans and they were quick to voice their opinions online. Our favorite mutants can be seen wearing many different outfits throughout movies and comics, but we guess it is only natural that fans gravitate towards those suits because they grew up reading or watching the most – whether or not they actually think they make sense. With that being said, sometimes what sells on screen doesn’t necessarily work in comics, and evidently vice-versa.

The Grueling Training

Infuriating superhero movie tropes: The grueling training montage
Infuriating superhero movie tropes: The grueling training montage

The hero’s training montage goes right to the point in a movie because time and journey are the real essence. If a scene doesn’t have anything to do with the development of the plot or characterization of a character, it’s probably there just to be featured as cool scenes that show off how awesome a character is. What better way to prove this than showing some memorable training sequences? But it can also become one of those overused clichés that make audiences numb and set aside these training sequences after having seen them too many times before. For example- in Batman v Superman, Batmans’ training sequence was only supposed to show what he has mastered for us to see him executing his skills conveniently later on and not the other way around.

The Tension Of Getting Revealed

Infuriating superhero movie tropes: Characters who remain clueless
Infuriating superhero movie tropes: Characters who remain clueless about the superhero’s identity

There’s always that one character or close friend who knows the superhero’s secret identity while others remain a detractor or person who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They then begin to wonder if they can actually be friends with their favorite hero without constantly worrying about him keeping things from them. The tension is seen as endearing to many viewers because it has been done so many times in different movies and television series.

Won Life But Lost Love

Infuriating superhero movie tropes: The lost love
Infuriating superhero movie tropes: The lost love

Peter Parker meets Mary Jane Watson in the first Spider-Man film and they fall in love, but she is killed before the end of the third film. In both films, Peter fails to save his love interest from death. Next, Clark Kent meets Lois Lane in the first Superman film and has no romantic scenes with her at all in the four sequels. Even Star-Lord meets Gamora for the first time in Guardians of The Galaxy but their relationship doesn’t form till after it’s over. In almost every superhero movie there seems to be this woman who wrongs our hero somehow or he gets involved with only to break up or demise later on.

Aliens Are Normal

Infuriating superhero movie tropes: Aliens are normal
Infuriating superhero movie tropes: Aliens are normal

In the real world, aliens are one of those mysterious beings that we have yet to fully understand. With that being said, most comic book movies are written in such a way that they have been made them sound predictable and almost like something we’ve already seen in the past. So if you were to stroll down your city’s street daily and see someone who looked out of this world, we’re sure that quite a few people would react in one way or another.

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